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How to Humanize The Workplace: Improving Employee Engagement and Culture

What’s the secret to having a vibrant office culture? The relationships between you and your employees.

Humanizing your workplace goes beyond the compulsory office team bonding events you’ve already tried. It’s about taking time to understand each other’s lives in and outside of work, building empathetic understanding and scheduling check-ins that go beyond KPI updates. For your employees to be excited and motivated about work, they need to feel a sense of purpose with the work they do AND  feel connected to those they interact with regularly.

This connectivity seems to be less present in company culture these days, but employees crave it all the more. Even when workplaces are remote, hybrid, or in-person, putting your employees first, as people, can make a big difference in employee engagement.

In this webinar Dr. Elora Voyles, People Scientist at TINYpulse by Limeade, and Lydia Frank, VP of Marketing at Chronus, discuss:

  • What employees expect from company culture
  • Tactics for in-depth listening and multi-directional communication
  • Steps to increase human connection you can implement TODAY
  • Tips for measuring your success

See you there!

About the Speakers:

Dr. Elora Voyles / People Scientist / TINYpulse by Limeade

Dr. Elora Voyles is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist and People Scientist with TINYpulse by Limeade, a provider of employee engagement and feedback software. She has a strong background in organizational consulting, working with small local businesses up to Global Fortune 500 organizations.

Dr. Voyles showcases her expertise through survey design, data analysis, employee engagement, and action planning and has been featured in multiple publications including Business.com, The NY Times, CNN, Allies in Action, The HR Exchange Network, and more!

Lydia Frank / VP of Marketing / Chronus

As Vice President of Marketing, Lydia uses the art and science of strategic storytelling to showcase the incredible power of mentorship in developing employees, transforming organizational culture from the inside out, and ensuring every employee feels connected to and supported by their organization.

Prior to Chronus, Lydia served in a number of marketing roles at PayScale – most recently Vice President of Corporate & Product Marketing – growing it from a disruptive startup to the market leader in the compensation data and software vertical. Previously, she led digital content teams at About.com and MSN.

Lydia is a strong advocate for creating more accessible paths to power for women, people of color, and other historically marginalized groups in the labor market and economy. She has been a frequent speaker and media commentator on this topic and has contributed related content to various publications, including Harvard Business Review, Money, Fortune, TechCrunch.

Lydia holds a BA in Journalism from Central Washington University.

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