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Mentoring & Sponsorship: The Key to Gender Diversity in Leadership

Want to increase the number of women in leadership at your organization?

You’re in good company. Industry leaders know that more women in leadership can impact a company’s bottom line. But the higher you look in companies, the fewer women you see, with the C-level comprised of only 21% women1.

Join us to learn how gender diversity impacts an organization, and how mentoring and sponsoring women can spur greater representation in senior leadership. Our own Amanda Schnieders teams up with author and mentoring expert Ida Abbott to explore:

  • Why gender diversity matters
  • How mentoring and sponsorship help
  • Mentoring in the wake of #MeToo
  • Types of mentoring programs, including circles


Ida Abbott
Ida Abbott focuses on the power of mentoring and sponsorship to guide, support and transform professional careers from the beginning of practice through retirement. A former trial lawyer with more than four decades of experience in the legal industry, Ida has long been a leader in the field of legal talent management and in women’s leadership development. She is co-founder of both the Professional Development Consortium and the Hastings Leadership Academy for Women, and Vice-Chair of the National Legal Mentoring Consortium. Ida has also written several seminal books and resources, including The Lawyer’s Guide to Mentoring and Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know. In recognition of her lifetime contributions as a lawyer, thought leader and advisor, she has been elected a Fellow of both the American Bar Foundation and the College of Law Practice Management.

Amanda Schnieders, Marketing Manager
As a believer in the innovative capabilities of the modern workplace, Amanda focuses on the ways and processes by which human engagement can change employee productivity and growth in an organization. She is avid about helping companies work smarter, not harder.


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