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Go Beyond the Classroom to Fast Track New Hire Training

Date: 06/26/2014 | Length: 30 minutes

Modern MentoringThe current state of new hire training can use a boost. Billions are being spent on corporate training programs each year. But the average attrition of first year employees is 13% and almost a third of employees employed for fewer than six months are already searching for a new job (Stein & Christiansen, 2010). This is a huge loss to organizations: lost productivity, lost retention, and lost knowledge—not to mention recruiting time and cost. Join Steve O’Brian, VP of Professional Service at Chronus, to learn how to evolve your training program to support long-term training.

Learn about:

  • Why traditional new hire training programs fail
  • How you can extend training beyond the classroom for more effective learning
  • Real-world examples of successful customer programs
  • How to track and measure the results of your training programs

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