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Promoting Your Mentoring Program Toolkit

Mentoring program engagement is not something that should be left to chance. In order to create consistent, impactful engagement you need to a robust promotion strategy. Our promotional toolkit is full of best practices, customizable content, and an overall guide to aid you in successfully promoting, launching and scaling your mentoring program.

With this toolkit, you’ll be equipped with the materials and timelines needed to plan the launch of your mentoring program. Together, these assets will help you excite and engage prospective mentors, mentees, and organizational stakeholders.

What You’ll Learn
Overview of why promotion is so important before launching a mentoring program, and a guide to using the promotional materials included Guide to Promoting Your Mentoring Program Guide
Establish dates and deadlines for promotional activities and events Promotion Timeline  Worksheet
Suggestions of different events you can use to promote your program within your organization Mentoring Program Activities Guide Guide
Crafted email templates that can help you spread the word about your mentoring program to prospective participants Email Templates Template
Sample social posts you can use within your social media channels to alert people to mentoring program enrollment or participation Social Media Assests Images
Elevate the benefits of mentoring to your individual mentors and mentees. Benefits of Mentoring: Stats & Research Stats
Customizable Powerpoint deck for presenting informational sessions to your mentor, mentees or senior leadership Kick-off Presentation Powerpoint Deck


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