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Virtual Mentoring in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from the Pandemic

Mentoring conversations about career trajectories and development plans are pivoting to caring check-ins and discussions about how the current crisis is impacting people emotionally, as well as professionally. Knowing this shift in needs is imperative now, and might be here to stay for a while, we teamed up with to host a webinar showcasing the lessons we’ve learned during this pandemic, and how customers are supporting now-remote employees through these trying times.

Chronus CEO, Seena Mortazavi, explains how organizations can best support their teams during these socially isolating times by utilizing virtual mentoring in creative ways, from onboarding programs for new additions to mentoring circles for support and more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why social distancing is taking a toll on the mental health of workers
  • How much social isolation is costing individuals and organizations
  • Why building engagement and morale are imperative
  • Real-world examples of organizations who have pivoted existing mentoring programs or created new ones in order to address these growing needs

About the Speaker

  Seena Mortazavi, CEO of Chronus

Seena Mortazavi is CEO of Chronus and has been since 2015, helping organizations large and small leverage the power of mentoring to unlock human potential. Prior to Chronus, Seena spent most of his career at the intersection of IT and financial services. He worked directly with CEOs and business owners to design, launch, and grow financial products across a network of institutions. His experience ranges from scaling mobile banking services for rural farmers to designing complex financial products for microfinance institutions. Beyond his passion for leveraging technology to impact lives, Mortazavi is also committed to mentoring others, microfinance initiatives, and economic development.

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