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We make it easy to manage, measure and scale your Employee Resource Group (ERG) program.

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ERG Software

Unlock People Potential with ERG Management Software


Start new Employee Resource Groups and communicate with existing ones.


Utilize data and reports to track members, events and ERG performance.

Events &

Efficiently schedule events and track attendance across ERGs.


Keep participants ‘in the know’ through discussions and surveys.


Connect talent with mentors and provide training to ERG leads.


The beauty of the platform is that it is highly customizable for an ERG to launch a program of any size.

Tracy Lopez, Regional Vice President, LexisNexis


Launch your ERGs in a single place

Launch all your Employee Resource Groups smoothly and efficiently.

Provide streamlined hub for sign-ups

Simplify the enrollment process for employee resource group participants with an ERG platform. Create consistency and standardization that increases participation.

Increase visibility into ERG membership

Access membership lists broken down by individual ERGs, departments and job levels. ERG management software allows for comprehensive tracking and analysis across the organization.

Standardize experiences across your org

Ensure every employee has the same opportunity and access to ERGs. A formal ERG structure allows admins to track participants group by group.

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Monitor the progress of ERGs

Monitor Employee Resource Group progress while enabling events and driving communications

Empower ERG leads with simplified management tools

Enable your ERG leads with admin capabilities to facilitate their ERGs effectively and efficiently.With admin privileges, ERG leads can streamline communication, organize events and coordinate initiatives.

Integrate with existing platforms participants use

Easily contact and update employee resource group members through platforms such as MS Teams, Slack and more. All ERG members can stay informed, engaged and connected.

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Enhance communication to support ERGs within your organizations

Support Employee Resource Group goals with enhanced communication tools

Seamless communication keeps everyone in the know

Connect with participants, ERG leads and more with the help of discussion boards, nudges and notifications. These features encourage active participation and ensure everyone stays informed and connected within the ERG community.

Establish and execute events with ERG management software

Set up events while tracking registrants and attendees for a better understanding of budget ROI. This enables organizations to make informed decisions about future event planning and resource allocation.


Measure ERG impact with data and optimize program performance

Prove ERG impact with aggregate data and optimize program performance.

Gain participant feedback with ERG platform

Keep a pulse on your program with customizable surveys that let you gather feedback and fine-tune your program for an ideal employee resource group experience.

Access insights in real-time with ERG management software

Personalize your reports to elevate the most important metrics and gain powerful insights that help you adjust your program to maximize results.

Showcase ERG Success

Export digestible reports of top metrics in order to prove value to your stakeholders.

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Grow your ERG program

Easily grow your Employee Resource Groups without limits to impact more of your people, across more locations.

Automate and scale your Employee Resource Group initiatives initiatives

Use pre-built templates, notifications, campaigns and program designs to reach more people while minimizing admin time and effort.

Connect people development with ERG management software

Under the Chronus platform, organizations can build a bridge between ERGs and intra-organizational mentoring, taking advantage of the connections made through ERGs for greater development and employee growth long-term.

Simplify Your Enterprise Employee Resource Groups with Effortless Integrations

The Chronus platform is built to seamlessly integrate your ERGs with the platforms and systems you’re already using. Improve participant engagement while making your data more accessible.

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