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New Hire Buddy Program

Benefits of New Hire Buddy Programs

Your organization’s people are what make it great – which is why ensuring they have a fantastic start is essential to retention. After all, 22 percent of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment according to The Wynhurst Group. Ensuring employees are happy with your organization and happy to stay is a win for both employee and organization. A buddy program, where a new hire is paired with a seasoned employee to informally share knowledge, is an impactful way to increase new hire retention.

  • Cultivate workplace relationships and increase engagement
  • Speed time to productivity
  • Acclimate themselves to the company’s culture
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“56% of new hires say they want a buddy or mentor.”


Software for Buddy Programs

Reduce Administrative Time and Effort

With a constant flow of new hires, manually managing a buddy program gets highly time intensive. With Chronus software, you can set up automated workflows across your buddy program to continuously run, giving you time to focus on more important things.

Create Successful New Hire Buddy Matches

New hires come from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds for an even wider variety of jobs, making a successful pairing with a buddy challenging. That’s why Chronus developed a custom MatchIQ® algorithm that automates matching to create the highest compatibility pairing for a productive learning experience.

Measure Buddy Program Impact

Collecting feedback from participants and compiling into a digestible format can be overwhelming. With mentoring software, you can easily measure program impact and participant satisfaction with built-in surveys to determine how new hires are benefiting from your buddy program.

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