Diversity Mentoring for Inclusive Workplace Culture

Diversity Mentoring

Why Diversity Mentoring?

In a competitive market, an inclusive workforce is a must. As Iliana Castillo-Frick of SHRM said, “By fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, organizations will attract and retain the highest level of talent.” Inclusive organizations experience increased engagement, higher retention as well as improved innovation by enabling diverse populations. Diversity mentoring helps organizations create an inclusive workforce, supporting diverse populations to build relationships, establish career paths, and feel empowered within the organization.

  • Improve diversity in leadership or specific functional disciplines
  • Better attract and retain employees
  • Connect diverse populations with each other to learn and share experiences
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“Inclusive organizations are 3.3x more likely to be high performing and 5x more likely to be agile.”


Software for Diversity Mentoring

Match Diverse Populations

A successful match is essential – but matching for diverse populations with multi-faceted criteria including skillset, experience and demographic criteria can get complex. Our MatchIQ® technology elegantly matches according to your program’s unique and detailed matching criteria, creating the highest compatibility pairing for a productive diversity mentorship.

Configure Diversity Program Formats

Diversity programs come in many formats, such as circles, groups or 1:1, based on your unique business objectives and employee development goals. Our software gives you the flexibility to design, configure and create your program based on multiple program formats and run it as part of your organizational program or as a separate dedicated program.

Measure Diversity Mentoring Initiatives

Gathering feedback from program participants and compiling it into a tangible format can be overwhelming and time consuming. Chronus lets you measure program impact and participant satisfaction with built-in surveys and reports that are easily exported, allowing you to share program performance with stakeholders.

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