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Guide Mentoring Participants

Guide Mentoring Participants To Success

Simply matching mentors and mentees isn’t enough. How do you keep the relationship progressing to a productive outcome? Chronus provides the guidance, tasks and resources needed to help participants succeed.

Mentorship program guidelines build better connections

Providing structure throughout the mentoring process is a best practice. Some programs need a little structure. Some need a lot. With Chronus, you’re able to give your participants step-by-step mentoring plans complete with tasks, due dates, activity reminders and helpful resources. This increases the likelihood of participant engagement long-term. Our platform allows admins and participants to customize their plans, creating a truly individual learning experience for your organization.

Mentorship program guidelines for connections

On-demand mentoring resources

Help your participants help themselves (and save you time, too). Chronus software comes preloaded with:

  • Mentor & Mentee Handbooks
  • Community-building features (Discussion Boards, Forums, Q&A Articles)
  • Curated microlearning resources for expanded learning opportunities
  • Ability to customize your mentorship program guidelines and resources
On-demand mentoring resources

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Anytime, anywhere access

Your program participants are busy people. Chronus mobile apps for iOS and Android makes it easy for mentors and mentees to connect, engage and keep track of mentoring progress. In addition, our integrations with collaboration tools like Slack, MS Teams, Zoom and more create instant, frictionless communication between participants. Empower your mentoring community to communicate, check off tasks, reply to surveys and grow from any location, anytime.

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