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Why Job Shadowing?

When it comes to supporting career development, it’s essential to help employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and career development path. Applying this learning through on-the-job training experiences, such as job shadowing, amplifies learning while teaching tangible skills and competencies for day-to-day use. Further, job shadowing supports the concept of career ladders and lattices by enabling career exploration, planning and developing across functional roles or management levels.

  • Explore various organizational roles to validate career advancement opportunities
  • Rapidly build skills required to perform day-to-day activities of a role prior to taking on responsibility
  • Build comprehensive organizational cross-functional knowledge

People retain only 10 percent of what they read, 20 percent to 30 percent of what they hear, and almost 50 percent of what they learn through discussion and interaction. When we add direct experience to that mix (i.e. on-the-job experience), the retention and application level goes up to 75% or more.
– Bersin

Software for Job Shadowing

Minimize Administrative Time

Continuously updating available job shadowing opportunities manually is extremely time intensive and not scalable. With Chronus software, you can set up a self-serve matching model to enable employees to select learning opportunities that map to their specific development needs, eliminating manual work for a more low touch program.

Mentoring Program Administration

Create a Job Shadowing Marketplace

Each employee has unique learning goals and desired skillsets to develop both tactically and cross functionally, but it’s difficult and time consuming to suggest the appropriate experience on a case-by-case basis. That’s why Chronus software provides a shopping environment for job shadowing that allows employees to see what experiences are available and select the opportunity that best meets their needs and learning desires.

Job Shadowing Marketplace

Empower Learning with Community Features

Assembling a learning center for employees is a powerful tool for enabling career development and allows employees to explore content from subject matter experts at their discretion. With Chronus software’s community features, you can build a repository of job descriptions to enable employees to learn about career options, functional areas of the business and other organization-specific content.

Community Features

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