Peer Coaching

Extended Onboarding

Why Peer Coaching?

To address widely varying skillsets within key roles, many organizations leverage peer coaching to establish organizational competency norms, work through employee workplace problems and improve employee performance. The impact of peer coaching is powerful, with Bersin reporting that organizations with excellent cultural support for coaching have 13 percent stronger business results. Peer coaching is most prevalently used for new managers to help them adjust to the new challenges of the management role, but can also be applied to develop key individual contributors.

  • Focus on specific skill or competency growth
  • Improve key employee performance
  • Develop new managers

The ROI for companies that invest in coaching is 7x the initial investment.
– PWC Global Survey on Coaching

Software for Peer Coaching

Efficiently Manage Coaching Programs

Manually managing and monitoring each coaching pair status is not scalable. Chronus lets you increase administrative efficiency by creating a guided workflow with set checkpoints for a consistent coaching experience, giving you transparency into progress and confidence in the learning results to come.

Guiding Mentoring Program

Measure Coaching Progress and Impact

Coaching effectiveness and employee skillset development is not easy to manually track, especially when self- or manager-reported competency assessments are involved. That’s why our software includes built-in program surveys, a 360 assessment tool, engagement reporting and program level reporting to evaluate performance to ensure your employee competencies are on par with expectations.

Impact of a Mentoring Program

Easily Match Employees to Coaches

Effective coaching starts with identifying the right coach for your employees’ learning needs from your coaching resource pool. Match coaches and employees using Chronus’ unique MatchIQ® algorithm using criteria such as coach ratings and areas of expertise to automate finding the best match possible.

Matching Participants in a Mentoring Program

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