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Why Partner with Chronus?

If you’re searching for fresh ways to deliver new value to clients for career development programs, Chronus offers you the answer.

Chronus Alliance Referral Partner ProgramWe provide a full range of scalable, easy-to-use software to run effective corporate mentoring, coaching, and onboarding programs. With Chronus software and your guidance, clients can shorten employee time to competency, increase employee performance and improve retention rates.

Here’s why partnering with Chronus works for you:

  • Best in class, proven enterprise software solutions you can feel comfortable recommending to clients
  • A 24/7 commitment to support your client
  • Flexible software that support dozens of L&D program use cases.
  • We’re fun and enjoyable to do business with!

Read on to discover which partner program will work for you.

Referral Partner Program

Refer Chronus and receive a 10% commission – it’s that simple! You provide the guidance and program development for your clients, we’ll provide the software. Here’s how Chronus can support your initiatives:

  • Complementary technology – our software provides the toolset to help you roll out your program’s goals and vision
  • A unique solution – our software is the only complete platform purpose-built to run effective career development programs
  • Customer feedback – our customers love us, and reward us with a renewal rate north of 90%


Refer Chronus for 10% commission.

Reseller Program

Take it to the next level with our reseller program. As an officially-authorized Chronus reseller, we’ll support you with a flexible and generous partner program delivered by a dedicated team focused on your success. For our valued resellers, we provide:

  • Attractive margins for better profits
  • Deal registration protection
  • Complete, continuous product and sales training.


Resell Chronus for added client value.

Alliance Program

Are our products complementary? Are you looking for mutual sales and marketing referrals? Then this program is for you. Under our Alliance Program we create strategic marketing and technology partnerships to develop new avenues for delivering SaaS solutions. Together, we align our go-to-market initiatives and center those activities on solving our collective customers’ most critical business challenges.


Create a more powerful solution with Chronus.

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