Steve O’Brian

Steve is seasoned executive with a passion for leadership and organizational development. As the leader of the Customer Success team at Chronus, Steve provides coaching to Chronus’ customers on talent development best practices and program optimization.

Strategic Onboarding: Does Your New Hire Training Need Updating?

You know that a good new hire training program is key to your employee retention goals. After all,  the average attrition of first-year employees is 13 percent and almost a third of employees employed for fewer than six months are already searching for a new job (Stein & Christiansen, 2010). This is a huge loss to organizations in terms of … Read more

Top 5 Signs Your Sales Training Programs Aren’t Working

At times, barriers to an effective sales training program seem insurmountable. Teams are located away from headquarters or across different countries and time zones. The pressure to hit quotas makes teams reluctant to leave the field. Most people learn by doing, which can be difficult to facilitate. And because salespeople have so many different experiences and skills, it’s difficult to … Read more

Is It Time? Five Signs Your Corporate Coaching Needs Software

Corporate coaching is a key strategy to develop and retain strong leaders across the organization. In a 2012 survey to HR executives, 65 percent rated coaching as a highly effective talent development tool.* Companies are leveraging coaching to prepare the next-generation of executive leadership, hone skills of high-impact functional managers and retain key employees. Corporate coaching programs are growing in … Read more

Top Ingredients For a Successful Corporate Coaching Program

Planning = Successful Corporate Coaching Programs Many organizations are discovering that the secret sauce to talent development is creating a successful corporate coaching program — one that not only engages key talent but also drives strong organizational outcomes. A study from Bersin and Deloitte recently found that organizations with “excellent cultural support for coaching had a 75% higher rating for talent management results … Read more

Why University Mentoring? Four Benefits of a University Mentoring Program

Every year, universities strive for excellent national rankings and recognition for their educational offerings. Part of those rankings come from high graduation and job placement rates. In addition, universities that offer a range of enriching and engaging activities attract the top students, which also translates into better rankings. So how do university mentoring benefits fit into these activities? Mentoring is an attractive extracurricular to … Read more

Corporate Social Networks: Will They Work for Talent Development Programs?

“Social” is the buzz word in corporate learning and development these days.  Everything is going social. The question is, should it? Let me start by saying that I do believe in the power of social networks.  The success of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn prove this.  Now social learning is entering the workplace with a slew of new corporate social networks. … Read more

New Features Extend Value of Chronus

Mentoring is like ice cream—there are many flavors to choose from. The “best” flavor depends on what your organization wants to achieve. A key reason customers choose Chronus, is our ability to support a wide variety of mentoring program formats. So it is exciting when we come across new opportunities to meet customer needs and further expand the flexibility and … Read more

University of Colorado’s Mentoring Program Expands

Here’s another great story about one of our valued customers, the University of Colorado-Leeds School of Business. The Leeds School of Business offers multiple mentoring programs to help students succeed in school and connect with professionals for career planning. All of their programs are managed using a single instance of Chronus software. We have had the pleasure of working closely … Read more

Preventing Organizational Knowledge Drain

Businesses facing the challenge of knowledge drain tied to their aging workforce have good reason to be concerned. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics during the next decade there will be 54 million  new job openings.  Over half (61.6 percent) will arise from the need to replace workers who retire. Who will fill these jobs? According to a recent … Read more

Enterprise Social Learning – Has Its Time Finally Arrived?

I recently attended the 2012 HR Technology Conference in Chicago and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of conversation surrounding social learning in the workplace. It seems it has moved beyond vendor pitches and analyst predictions. Companies were sharing real social learning successes, not merely visions. Here are a few interesting insights and takeaways. 1. Employees are asking for it: One way to … Read more

How to Get More From Your Mentoring Program

Your mentoring program is off to a great start. Pairing mentees to mentors went smoothly. Everyone is engaged and making progress toward their learning goals. You are enjoying watching your program hum along without a hitch. Beyond monitoring program metrics and responding to the occasional question, how can you get more from your mentoring program? An easy way to further … Read more

Customer Profile:

We recently talked to Ellie Zeitlin, the program director for the’s mentoring program about their  innovative program and how they  use Chronus software to keep their participants connected across the country.  In this unique program, young social entrepreneurs are paired up with American Express employees who serve as business mentors.  Read the full feature, to learn more about the … Read more

8 Building Blocks of Talent Development Mentoring Programs

What Can Talent Development Mentoring Do for You? Chronus recently offered a webinar entitled “Designing Talent Development Mentoring Programs”. Our featured speaker was Lis Merrick, a recognized mentoring and coaching expert, and president and founder of Coach Mentoring Ltd., headquartered in the U.K. She has helped companies from all over the globe start and grow more than 60 successful talent … Read more