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Tips on Using Mentoring for Onboarding New Employees

Studies show new employees who attend a well-structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay with the organization after 3 years. But a large number of organizations surveyed by SHRM said their onboarding efforts lasted less than a week. Why? Most companies don’t have enough HR resources or their existing staff can’t take time off from their regular work to … Read more ›


How to Get More From Your Mentoring Program

Your mentoring program is off to a great start. Pairing mentees to mentors went smoothly. Everyone is engaged and making progress toward their learning goals. You are enjoying watching your program hum along without a hitch. Beyond monitoring program metrics and responding to the occasional question, how can you get more from your mentoring program? An easy way to further … Read more ›


What’s Hot in Mentoring? Going Social

Social Mentoring: Taking Center Stage Organizations are increasingly using mentoring in creative ways. One evident trend is that mentoring programs are becoming more social. Social mentoring is a form of informal mentoring in which mentoring opportunities arise ad hoc, starting and ending quickly based on a specific learning need. A key aspect of social mentoring is that protégés are capable … Read more ›


Customer Profile:

We recently talked to Ellie Zeitlin, the program director for the’s mentoring program about their  innovative program and how they  use Chronus software to keep their participants connected across the country.  In this unique program, young social entrepreneurs are paired up with American Express employees who serve as business mentors.  Read the full feature, to learn more about the … Read more ›


8 Building Blocks of Talent Development Mentoring Programs

What Can Talent Development Mentoring Do for You? Chronus recently offered a webinar entitled “Designing Talent Development Mentoring Programs”. Our featured speaker was Lis Merrick, a recognized mentoring and coaching expert, and president and founder of Coach Mentoring Ltd., headquartered in the U.K. She has helped companies from all over the globe start and grow more than 60 successful talent … Read more ›


Welcome to Chronus Blog!

We are excited to start the Chronus blog and hope you find it interesting and useful. We had been posting articles about mentoring and social learning to the resource section on As the frequency and variety of posts increased we wanted to create a better home for all this interesting content. The Chronus blog will provide practical tips and … Read more ›


How a Growing Company Can Design Recruiting & Retention Strategies

While it is standard practice to have some level of onboarding procedures, many companies are not realizing the full potential from having well-developed recruiting and retention practices. John Harabedian, Managing Director of the Retirement Plan Services division at Tegrit Group, looks at the full spectrum of recruiting and retention strategies, molded around onboarding. From advertising the job opening to conducting job performance evaluations, … Read more ›


IKEA Provides Professional Development For Its Staff

The Swedish furniture store IKEA boasts an annual, “Learning & Development” program guide for each of their workers which includes over 45 training opportunities from in-store training, national training and specialized workshops which are intended to help develop and encourage the career goals and leadership abilities of their staff. IKEA also offers significant tuition reimbursement for any courses that employees … Read more ›


The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching are frequently used inter-changeably. Though their purpose is the same to increase performance, the process and timeline are different. Coaching focuses on improving performance related to a specific task by helping the person expand his or her knowledge or skill related to that task. In contrast, mentoring focuses on improving the overall performance of an individual by … Read more ›


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