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Chronus Announces Rollout of New Certified Chronus Courses and Participant Certifications

Company takes mentorship training to the next level with SCORM-compliant, certified and measurable learning journeys

SEATTLE, WA – Chronus, the leading enterprise mentoring platform, today announced a new version of Chronus Courses packed with new training courses and participant certifications aimed at improving learning retention and engagement. Upgrades include two new Certified Chronus Courses: Mentoring Training and Inclusive Mentoring.

With reporting only 35 percent of companies claim mentors in their organization are highly effective, mentorship training has become increasingly important for engagement, retention and participant connectivity. An industry first, Chronus Courses allows customers to offer self-paced, guided learning around mentorship to program participants. Organizations can now build or import SCORM-compliant courses from a growing course library that best suits the organization’s culture and meets the needs of participants.

With new program updates and two new courses, Chronus is continuing to advance employee learning journeys with mentorship – helping employees retain what they learn for greater organizational application and impact.

Chronus Courses Updates

  • Mentorship Training: The Chronus Certified Mentoring Training module is strategically designed to prepare participants and maximize mentoring effectiveness through six key competencies that will prepare them for their mentoring relationship, set expectations and supply them with the resources needed to succeed.
  • Customizable Learning: Admins can import SCORM-formatted (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) courses into their curriculum, allowing easier implementation for almost any learning management system (LMS). This allows organizations to better leverage their current learning and LMS tools.
  • Certifications: Users who complete a Chronus Certified Course are awarded a certificate from Chronus that can be shared via LinkedIn, and used to enhance resumes and employee profiles. Admins can also create certificates for courses built or imported.
  • Measurable Impact: Organizations can see participant engagement, track course completion and measure employee development throughout a participant’s learning journey.

New Certified Chronus Courses

  • Mentoring Training: Using specialized tools, individuals can prepare and support participants with training as a prerequisite to mentorship through a 1-hour independent study. Mentors and mentees focus on six key competencies that will prepare them for their mentoring relationship, set expectations and supply the resources to help them succeed.
  • Inclusive Mentoring: Mentoring with an open mindset creates a richer, more meaningful experience. The mentoring course will enable an inclusive mindset, providing the tools needed to engage with mentoring partners from a variety of backgrounds. This mentorship module comprises six, 30-minute sections.


Over 13,000 users took Chronus Mentoring Training during the 2022 beta roll out period. When surveyed, over 90 percent said the training prepared them for their mentorship.

“We know that a bad mentoring experience can be worse than having no mentoring connection at all, and so it is our goal to provide our customers with every opportunity to train qualified and effective mentors and mentees in order to truly impact organizational objectives like upskilling, retention and employee connectivity,” said Seena Mortazavi, CEO of Chronus. “This evolution of Chronus Courses takes mentorship training to the next level. By enabling a learning journey that can be customized, tracked and certified, Chronus Courses helps organizations drive meaningful impact and fruitful connections for all mentoring participants.”

Under the umbrella of Chronus Institute, Chronus Courses creates structure and accountability, while providing resources, lessons and quizzes that are customizable for self-paced learning. Enforced by the 70-20-10 learning model, Chronus weaves in 10 percent of learning that occurs through self-study with the 20 percent that occurs through social learning.

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