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Chronus Introduces New User Experience to Improve Accessibility and Increase Engagement for Mentoring and ERG Users

SEATTLE, WA – Chronus, the leading employee-driven development platform, today announced the launch of its refreshed, innovative user experience and user interface (UX/UI) for participants and administrators. The design updates reveal a simplified and more personalized experience to improve employee participation and facilitate more efficient and impactful mentoring programs and employee resource groups (ERGs).

Chronus mentoring homepage showcasing mentor recommendations based on the similar knowledge, skill and interests as determined by the matching algorithm. The recommendations show three mentor options (2 women and 1 man).

List of Recommended Mentors curated by the matching algorithm and based on Mentee’s interests.

A recent Gallup poll showed 76 percent of the world’s employees are not engaged at work, primarily due to a lack of connection, belonging and opportunities for development. In a workforce where employees are increasingly disengaged, Chronus’ innovative solutions and new UX/UI aim to make employee development a more natural, motivating and fully accessible experience.

Chronus Mentoring platform homepage showing mentee view of mentor match, prompting user to setup a meeting with their mentor

The mentoring connection homepage shows a Mentee’s top priorities and ongoing connection.

“We revamped Chronus’ usability features to better enable mentorship participation and workplace connection within our mentoring and ERG modules,” said David Satterwhite, CEO of Chronus. “The hybrid workplace has enough distractions as it is today. We saw an opportunity to create a cleaner, more intuitive platform that makes the individual journey of employee development easy and straightforward. The more employees feel celebrated and connected to their personal development, the more they will be able to reach their greatest potential.”

Chronus mentoring platform homepage on the mobile app, showcasing top mentee priorities and ongoing mentoring connections

Mobile view of Mentee homepage, showcasing priorities and ongoing mentoring connections.


With the new UX/UI, Chronus customers will be met with new fonts and icons that reduce the amount of text and emphasize the essential elements of each page. The refreshed experience scored an A+ grade (92.1) on the System Usability Scale (SUS) resulting in a fully accessible and compliant platform with the 508 federal disability standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), a leading global standard.

To simplify the point of connection, participants log in to a redesigned homepage where they can view their priorities at the top of the screen, and are guided to review items in order of timeliness – including potential matches or match requests, upcoming meetings, incomplete courses or training, pinned resources, and community activities. So far, the new Chronus UX/UI improvements have resulted in:

  • 44% more first meetings scheduled
  • 20% more mentoring connection page visits
  • 12% more mentoring match requests sent

“Chronus is directly combating the workplace disengagement epidemic through our employee-driven development platform,” said Wes Muschara, Vice President of Product at Chronus. “Empowered by our new design themes, we are one milestone closer to making connection, belonging, and development more accessible to employees and companies across the globe.”

To learn more about Chronus’ new platform updates, please visit our mentoring software and ERG software pages.


Chronus is the leading employee-driven development platform, providing enterprise-ready solutions designed to tackle workplace disengagement and employee turnover. Offering an innovative approach that fosters connection, shared learning and growth through mentoring and ERGs, Chronus empowers organizations to build resilience and success by ensuring employees feel connected, understood, and developed.

A standout in the market because of its scalability, simplicity, leading security protocols and inclusive connectivity, Chronus has successfully partnered with major brands and progressive companies for almost two decades. Chronus has delivered remarkable results for companies like Amazon, LVMH, ExxonMobil, NBCUniversal, Baker Tilly, Zendesk, eBay and Paychex.

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