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Chronus Launches Toolkit Aiding Organizations in Promoting Mentoring Programs

New resource outlines framework for organizations to effectively promote mentoring programs in order to drive better engagement, more successful outcomes

Bellevue, WA — Chronus, the leader in mentoring software, has unveiled a comprehensive toolkit for organizations to effectively promote their mentoring programs. Proper promotion leads to a greater number of mentoring participants, higher program engagement, and increased program productivity, leading to more successful mentoring experiences. Now available for download, “Promoting Your Mentoring Program Toolkit” provides timelines, steps to take and customizable content organizations can use to effectively promote their mentoring programs.

“Customers have come to us after they struggled to get impactful results from their initial mentoring programs,” said Seena Mortazavi, CEO of Chronus. “Using some of our strategies and best practices learned in promoting 1,000+ programs, we’ve been able to help them turn their efforts around, impacting the success and productivity of their programs. This is a valuable resource that can help other organizations avoid mistakes and create more successful mentoring experiences.”

With National Mentoring Month coming up in January, this is the perfect time for organizations to build a robust strategy to make mentoring successful in 2018. The toolkit includes best practices and tips from Chronus’ experienced customer success team and successful customer programs to create a well-rounded guide to better promotion that is easy to execute—whether it’s a new mentoring program or an existing one.

The toolkit provides guidance on:

  • Preparing Your Promotional Timeline
  • Creating Promotional Materials for Various Marketing Channels
  • Identifying Ambassadors to Help You Spread the Word
  • Reporting on Your Promotional Efforts
  • Maintaining Program Excitement

When mentoring is done right, including effective promotion, organizations can see greater participation for overall higher employee satisfaction, leading to better retention, development and engagement. Download “Promoting Your Mentoring Program Toolkit”.

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