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Chronus Secures Two Gold Awards in Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Program

Employee-Driven Development Platform Takes Home Awards in “Best Advance in Diversity and Inclusion Innovation” and “Best Advance in Online Mentoring Tools”

SEATTLE, WA — Chronus, the leading employee-driven development platform, today announces it won two Gold awards from the esteemed Brandon Hall Group. Recognized for technological excellence in both Diversity & Inclusion Innovation and Online Mentoring Tools, Chronus continues to lead the market in its commitment to fostering inclusive, connected workplace mentoring programs through advanced enterprise-ready solutions.

The 2023 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Awards™ are given for work in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Sales Enablement, Future of Work, and Education Technology.

Entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts, and executives based upon these criteria: fit the need, program design, functionality, innovation, and overall measurable benefits.

“Our awards program is distinguished by the thorough evaluation process led by industry experts. Judges meticulously score each entry, and our executive leadership team at Brandon Hall Group reviews and validates the judging and scoring. The level of the award is solely determined by the number of points, ensuring a fair and unbiased recognition of excellence in technology,” said Brandon Hall Group Chief Executive Officer Mike Cooke.

Chronus’s standout entries earned the highest honor in their respective categories. The awards accentuate Chronus’ innovative delivery of comprehensive, scalable mentorship that powers employee connectivity, engagement and retention.

Chronus’ dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) shines with its Gold achievement in the Best Advance in Diversity and Inclusion Innovation category. Chronus mentoring software enhances the potential for DEI and underrepresented employees to succeed by providing a structured, scalable and data-driven approach to mentorship.

The Brandon Hall Group commended various features and initiatives by Chronus. These include:

  • Diversity Matching: This type of matching allows admins to diversify the participants in a connection by whatever criteria they choose while easily applying the criteria to a bulk of connections.
  • Chronus Courses – Inclusive Mentoring Course: The courses focus on building an open and inclusive mindset for a richer, more meaningful mentoring experience while also taking participants through cultural awareness, cultural intelligence and cultural humility training.
  • Anonymous Matching: This feature diminishes bias in matching. Participants in anonymous matching programs do not see other users’ identifying information, allowing them to pick a partner based on other criteria (skills, experience, interests, etc.) that are important to mentoring relationship outcomes.

Similarly, Chronus’ online mentoring tools functionality has been lauded for excellence. The organization’s application depicted the platform’s refined ability to connect mentors and mentees in meaningful ways, thereby enhancing professional growth trajectories and making a compelling case for sustained employee tenure.

  • Easy Meeting Scheduling. Setting up mentor/mentee meetings is a vital component of a productive mentoring partnership. In order to make that step easier, Chronus created nudges for participants to set up a meeting to create further engagement, along with templates to use to make meeting agendas simple and effective.
  • Guided Tour for Users. Our guided tour allows participants to see what they should be clicking on and what to expect next. This helps to improve interaction with the platform by providing users with clear and simple steps to move ahead.
  • ​​Certificates for Chronus Courses and Mentoring Connections. When mentors and mentees complete milestones including finishing a Chronus Course or a Mentorship Connection successfully, they now receive a formal certificate that can be downloaded for their personal files or shared on LinkedIn and attached to their profile’s Skills and Certificates.

For nearly two decades, Chronus has empowered numerous globally recognized brands and forward-thinking entities with its robust people development solutions. This latest accolade from the Brandon Hall Group recognizes the profound impact of Chronus mentoring software on employee development across multiple industries.

“These achievements highlight our continued commitment to DEI and innovative mentoring solutions for enterprise organizations,” said David Satterwhite, CEO of Chronus. “Our team’s tireless dedication to leading mentoring trends and platform innovations continue to redefine workplace dynamics and expand opportunities for employees, empowering organizations to reach new heights.”

Driven by a belief in the potential of technology to nurture talent and promote comprehensive workforce initiatives, Chronus continues to reinvent development experiences for the workforce of tomorrow.

The honorees for these prestigious awards were announced on December 7, 2023. Details and a full list of winners can be viewed here.

Learn how Chronus’ new ERG software elevates employee engagement and diversity within workplaces globally.


Chronus is the leading employee-driven development platform, providing enterprise-ready solutions designed to tackle workplace disengagement and employee turnover. Offering an innovative approach that fosters connection, shared learning and growth through mentoring and ERGs, Chronus empowers organizations to build resilience and success by ensuring employees feel connected, understood, and developed.

A standout in the market because of its scalability, simplicity, leading security protocols and inclusive connectivity, Chronus has successfully partnered with major brands and progressive companies for almost two decades to connect and develop their employees. Chronus has delivered remarkable results for companies like Amazon, LVMH, Boston Children’s Hospital, ExxonMobil, NBCUniversal, Baker Tilly, Zendesk, eBay, Paychex and Albertsons Companies.

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