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Chronus Releases ERG Software to Accelerate Employee-Driven Development for Leading Enterprises

SEATTLE, WA – Chronus, the leading employee-driven development platform, today announces a new Employee Resource Group (ERG) module to drive employee connection and belonging, and combat employee disengagement in the workplace. The ERG module, focused on internal communities of workers with shared identities and interests, provides organizations the ability to centralize, manage, engage, measure and scale their ERGs in a centralized hub, while ensuring their employees feel connected, understood and developed.

A recent study by Gallup showed that in today’s workplace, three in four employees are disengaged, leading to costly high turnover and low productivity for companies. When run effectively, ERGs can help companies improve employee performance, connection, inclusion and retention, whereas ineffectively run ERGs lead to decreased feelings of inclusion among employees, according to McKinsey.

With the help of Chronus ERG software, companies can foster better employee connections through a standardized experience that ensures both employees and companies are seeing the full benefits of these groups. Chronus’ ERG module enables more effective and efficient ERG management and creates a vibrant link between employees and their employers.

The new ERG software offers Chronus clients:

  • Streamlined Management – Easily scaling employee belonging across large organizations, managing new and existing ERGs
  • Robust Reporting – Utilizing granular data and reports to track members, events and impact across ERGs
  • Events and Scheduling – Efficiently scheduling events, meetups and tracking attendance
  • Seamless Communications – Keeping participants in the know with frictionless communication through discussions, real-time messaging and surveys
  • Career and Leadership Development – Connecting underrepresented talent with mentors and developing ERG leaders with specialized training


The ERG module lives on the Chronus platform alongside industry-leading mentoring software, allowing customers and users to engage in both forms of people connection under one roof. This streamlines an organization’s connection and employee-driven development efforts with a single login and profile.

“We truly believe that organizations only reach their greatest potential when their people do,” said David Satterwhite, CEO of Chronus. “With the ERG module, we’re accelerating that potential through employee-driven development and connection. We’re proud to offer a single platform enabling mentoring and ERGs to unlock enterprise potential through employees feeling connected, understood and developed.”

The Chronus ERG software integrates with the same communication, collaboration and HRIS systems as its mentoring software to streamline workflows, simplify data sharing, and improve overall productivity. The Chronus platform integrates effortlessly with third-party platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workday, ensuring a hassle-free and unified experience for ERG members, ERG leads, admins and stakeholders.

With Chronus ERG management software, leading companies can unlock the incredible potential of employee resource groups, managing programs more effectively, engaging participants and ERG leads, and easily reporting on the outcomes of employee connection.

To learn more, visit the Chronus ERG software page.



Chronus is the leading employee-driven development platform, providing enterprise-ready solutions designed to tackle workplace disengagement and employee turnover. Offering an innovative approach that fosters connection, shared learning and growth through mentoring and ERGs, Chronus empowers organizations to build resilience and success by ensuring employees feel connected, understood, and developed.

A standout in the market because of its scalability, simplicity, leading security protocols and inclusive connectivity, Chronus has successfully partnered with major brands and progressive companies for almost two decades to connect and develop their employees. Chronus has delivered remarkable results for companies like Amazon, LVMH, ExxonMobil, NBCUniversal, Baker Tilly, Zendesk, eBay, Paychex and Albertsons Companies.

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