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Chronus Unveils Resource Kit to Help Organizations Celebrate National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month Kit offers mentoring resources and tips for organizations to make mentoring more impactful

Bellevue, WA  Chronus, the leader in mentoring software, has launched a resource kit to aid organizations in creating success within mentoring initiatives during January’s National Mentoring Month. Whether serving youths, college students or workplace employees, mentoring is a proven strategy to increase engagement, development and satisfaction. Now available for download, the National Mentoring Month Kit provides organizations with resources and best practices for running and growing a mentoring program, as well as materials to guide mentors and mentees to create more productive mentoring relationships.

National Mentoring Month 2018

“Not only is January’s National Mentoring Month a great time for organizations to plan, prepare and execute a mentoring strategy for 2018, but we also see higher levels of engagement during this time of year,” said Seena Mortazavi, CEO of Chronus. “Combining best practices from our customers with the guidance of our in-house mentoring experts, we’ve created a National Mentoring Month Kit that helps organizations build a mentoring program or amplify an existing one—while also giving mentors and mentees better guidelines for impactful connections.”

National Mentoring Month encourages the awareness and promotion of mentoring as a way for organizations to enable individuals to achieve their full potential. With this kit, organizations have a starting point for utilizing mentoring as a viable path for their people to learn from each other.

The kit includes:

  • How to Start a High-Impact Mentoring Program eBook
  • Promoting Your Mentoring Program Toolkit
  • Social Media Bundle
  • Articles for Becoming a Better Mentor and Mentee

Celebrate National Mentoring Month this January. Get started today by downloading the National Mentoring Month Kit.

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