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New Ebook Available: Calculating the ROI of Your Mentoring, Coaching, or Other Employee Talent Development Program

The ROI of Mentoring, Coaching, and other Employee Development ProgramsDecember 4, 2014 – Chronus has released its new ebook on calculating the return on investment (ROI) of talent development programs. This publication will help organizations learn how to identify key metrics for measuring the success of investing in employee career and skill development.

In calculating ROI, there are several factors to consider: retention, engagement, advancement, program costs, and behavioral change. Learn about these parameters and tips for measuring them in this short ebook. Topics include:

  • The 5 elements you should measure when calculating ROI and why you should measure them
  • Top research facts on investing in your workforce
  • Sample calculations for calculating ROI
  • An ROI readiness checklist


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