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Boomers, Millennials & Diverse Populations: Mentoring Strategies for the Shifting Workforce

The shifting workforce gives HR professionals some unique challenges to juggle and many unanswered questions:

With baby boomers retiring, how can you transfer their industry and organizational knowledge to the rest of your organization?

As millennials enter the workforce, how can you keep these individuals engaged and learning while supporting the high potential employees among them?

As the workforce becomes more and more diverse, what can you do to ensure diversity and inclusion within your organization?

Join Mentoring Evangelist Aya Titus as she explores the current workplace landscape and how mentoring addresses the unique populations in the shifting workforce. You’ll learn:

  • The challenges and nuances of the shifting workforce
  • Types of mentoring programs for the shifting workforce
  • Keys to meeting program objectives
  • How to harness technology to encourage engagement


AyaTitus  Aya Titus, Customer Success Manager, Chronus

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