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Exploring Mentoring in the Age of AI


Whether you can’t get enough of it or you’re staying far, far away from it, the influence of AI is all around us in today’s world. From automating tasks and writing articles and term papers to providing us with the best side dish suggestions for our chicken parmesan, generative AI’s sudden boom seems to be in every industry, job and workplace lately.

But what about in mentoring?

Does it belong? Does it help? Does it destroy the very premise of mentoring itself?

In this Fireside Chat, we’ll explore the potential of AI to enhance traditional mentorship paradigms through personalized guidance and dynamic learning, while also pointing out some important AI blindspots. Join the discussion as David Satterwhite, CEO at Chronus, and Sophie Williams, Director of Product Marketing at Chronus, navigate the transformative landscape where artificial intelligence meets mentorship.

We will explore:

  • Ways AI could increase human connection
  • AI shortcomings to watch out for
  • How the Chronus platform uses AI now and plans for the future


About the Speakers:

David Satterwhite
David Satterwhite / CEO of Chronus / Chronus
As CEO, David is a culture-first leader who has spent the majority of his career building, developing and leading teams and organizations, earning the loyalty of customers and helping bring great technology and solutions to market. At Chronus, he is on a mission to help customers exponentially increase their employee engagement, driving team commitment and retention, and overall company success.

He has served as a go-to-market executive, building and scaling teams from the pre-revenue stage to over $300 million ARR for more than 20 years at companies like newScale (acquired by Cisco), Good Technology (acquired by Blackberry), PubNub, Act-On Software and UserTesting (acquired by Thoma Bravo).

Previously, as chief revenue officer at UserTesting, he helped lead the company to a successful IPO in 2021 and subsequent acquisition. Throughout his career, David has had a consistent passion and focus on leadership through people development, management excellence and mentorship. Additionally, he believes that healthy, inclusive cultures are critical to building great businesses.

David has a BA in History with a minor in Business from the University of California, Berkeley.
Sophie Williams
Sophie Williams / Director of Product Marketing / Chronus

Sophie Williams has been obsessed with providing mentors and mentees the tools they need to build impactful partnerships for over a decade. As the Director of Product Marketing at Chronus, she works with customers and the product team to enable dynamic connections that make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

Sophie believes in the power of personal and professional development through mentorship. She co-founded eMentorConnect with her own mentor, Nancy Wolk, and grew to see how a mentor can have a profound impact on their partner’s development.

Sophie’s varied educational background has prepared her to work with different teams and customers. While earning a Bachelors of Art in International Relations from Agnes Scott College she worked for a tech startup in Atlanta, GA. Shortly after graduation she co-founded eMentorConnect and started her education in product, pivoting and running a small technology business. In 2022 she completed a MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

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