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Humanize the Learning Experience: How to Combat Scrap Learning and Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

Learning that fails to deliver lasting impact is a common problem in business today. In fact, research finds companies waste almost half of their training budget on learning that’s never applied on the job. This is actively negating what the Gartner 2019 Future of HR Survey identified as the number one initiative for 2019: building critical skills and competencies for the organization.

What is the cause of this? Scrap learning. Learning that is delivered but not applied back on the job. In short, organizations are wasting time and money on training only to be left without the intended upskilling of their employees, bolstering of their leadership bench or progress on company goals. To fix this problem, many organizations are turning to mentoring. Mentoring is a continuous method of learning from others that provides a direct plan for reinforcement and on-the-job application.

Join Dr. B. Lynn Ware as she explores the mentoring strategies companies use to overcome scrap learning while humanizing the learning experience. You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage mentors during onboarding
  • Implement new methods for mentoring “apprentices” needing new job skills
  • Integrate mentors into a blended learning program
  • Optimize mentor matching for career development
  • Apply best practices for mentors mentoring high potentials

The presentation will include examples and case studies from financial services, technology, financial services and healthcare.


Dr. B. Lynn Ware, CEO of ITS  Dr. B. Lynn Ware, CEO

Dr. B. Lynn Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and CEO of Integral Talent Systems, Inc. (ITS), a technology enabled global talent management consulting firm that brings the science of talent management to the bottom line.

The company’s mission is to provide organizations with research-based, state of the art tools and strategies to optimize their investment in talent for greater financial return and market success.

Lynn has been a key thought leader in the talent management community for more than 30 years. Her firm contributed content knowledge and research to the ATD Talent Management Certification program and has been a retained consultant of 160 of the Fortune 500 companies, including Apple, Charles Schwab, Gap, Inc., Genentech, General Motors, Google, Hewlett Packard, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Scripps Medical, and Verizon.

Lynn is frequently quoted on trends in talent management in publications such as the Associated Press, Harvard Business Review and the San Francisco Chronicle. She has also been featured on CNN several times as a national talent management expert.

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