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Inside Look: How Medline Reinvented Their Extended Onboarding With Chronus

At Medline, one of America’s premier medical-device manufacturers, T&D Manager Dan Plyman created a powerhouse onboarding program that was so successful, the company implemented the model across their global programs in Europe and Asia.

Why was it such a triumph? Mr. Plyman created a positive onboarding experience that improved employee satisfaction and morale while still providing a hands-on, one-on-one training experience. The kicker? He managed all of this while decreasing admin time and maintaining a 98% effectiveness rating.

Fill out the form to watch our on-demand webinar. You’ll learn how he did it, as well as:

  • Key design factors for creating an extended onboarding program
  • The best way to define metrics and program outcomes
  • How Chronus software helps with onboarding
  • And much more

View the on-demand webinar to see how the Medline program works and receive the important insider tips you need to build your own successful program.

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