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Guide to Measuring Modern Mentoring Programs

Measuring the impact and results of your mentoring programs are key to your success. Without it, you won’t be able to gauge how successful or beneficial your program has been – and you won’t know what the areas of improvement are.

The Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, created by Donald Kirkpatrick in the 1950s and refined by the Kirkpatrick Partners, is a widely used measurement framework that helps organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their learning and training initiatives. From this model we’ve devised the Guide to Measuring Modern Mentoring Programs that provides you with a framework that you can use to develop a well-rounded measurement plan to gauge how impactful your mentoring has been.

This guide teaches you a technique to evaluate your mentoring program, whether it be aimed at improving diversity and inclusion, increasing retention or building leadership skills. In addition, the guide includes a printable worksheet to help you create a unique criteria for your organization to measure your mentoring initiative.

Download the guide and start measuring your mentorship program today!

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