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Medline’s New Onboarding Software Solution: Chronus

Medline Success Story

Most of the sales reps I talk to love Chronus. The new system allows for greater transparency, giving our sales trainers and managers real-time access to the reps’ progress. And not only do I see their progress, but our sales training leaders and our managers can see it too.”

Daniel Plyman, Training & Development Manager at Medline

Medline wanted onboarding software that would:

  • Keep track of how trainees were performing
  • Provide visibility to trainers and managers alike
  • Be easily customizable for all 11 training tracks

Chronus’Ā onboarding software solutions:

  • Software that runs a scalable program with measurable results
  • Simple usability and customized software options for reduced admin time and improved trainer-trainee interactions
  • Features including the ability to attach documents and videos to tasks, embedded activity reports, and milestones to mark successes

Results from Medline’s implementation of Chronus software for onboarding:

  • 150+ new hires, 140+ trainers, and 25+ managers participating
  • A program that spans North America, South America, and Europe with plans for Asia
  • Reduction in hours spent launching, matching, and managing the program

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