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Mentoring: Humanizing the Employee Experience

Most companies understand that employee engagement produces positive business outcomes and better retention, yet many struggle to find effective ways to engage their workforces throughout the entire journey of the employee experience.

In our increasingly digital and tech-driven workplace, 87% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged—they are not involved in, enthusiastic about or committed to their work or workplace—according to Gallup’s latest annual research. As a result, U.S. companies are losing a whopping $450 billion a year in productivity.

That’s a staggering loss. And it explains why improving employee engagement tops the list of business priorities. In examining companies where engagement is high, a common theme emerges: these organizations have created a humanized employee experience of inclusion, development and support. These three elements drive innovation, collaboration and ultimately deliver superior business results. This holistic approach to engagement produces greater revenue returns and happier employees.

How can your company build a culture of inclusion, support and development?

The answer begins with humanizing the employee experience across all stages of the employee lifecycle—onboarding, inclusion, career development, upskilling, leadership development, and succession planning. To do this, mentoring will be your most valuable asset.

We’ve created an ebook to help you learn:

– Why humanizing the employee experience is important for a company
– How mentoring applies a humanistic approach to the employee experience
– Which mentoring programs best align with your organizational goals

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