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What Millennials Want: How to Engage the Next Generation with Mentoring

Need a better strategy for retaining, engaging and developing millennials? You’re not alone. Almost 50% of companies report experiencing low engagement and high turnover with millennials. Why is this?

The next generation of workers has unique expectations for the nature of their work, the type of support they receive, and their opportunities for career growth. This is important because millennials already make up 40% of the workforce and by 2020 are expected to make up 75% of the workforce. That means if you want to attract and keep the best talent, yesterday’s employee development strategies urgently need an update.

Join Mentoring Evangelist Aya Titus for an in-depth look at the millennial mindset and why mentoring is uniquely positioned to engage, retain and develop millennials. This presentation explores several flavors of mentoring initiatives that address common organizational challenges relating to the millennial populations. We’ll wrap up with three key components for making your mentoring program a success.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What millennials want at work and how mentoring can help
  • Examples of mentoring programs for millennials
  • Three keys for mentoring program success


Aya Titus  Aya Titus, Customer Success Manager & Mentoring Evangelist, Chronus



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