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Chronus Institute Resource Library’s The State of Coaching & Mentoring 2020

Coaching and mentoring have been some of the most used and, at times, misused talent management practices for decades. At their best, these practices help individuals realize their potential and propel their careers. For organizations, they can expedite the building of a strong talent pipeline, foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, and enhance performance. Despite the enormous potential of effective coaching and mentoring, many organizations fail to get it right, leading to disengaged employees, turnover, and unrealized potential.

Knowing the importance of mentoring and coaching during these times of social isolation, Chronus sponsored this research in order to better understand how organizations are leaning on these strategies to provide emotional and professional support to their people. In this report, takes a closer look at what fuels and hinders effective coaching and mentoring, potential best practices, and what the future holds.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, human resource (HR) professionals are facing unforeseen challenges and uncertainties on a daily basis. recently conducted research on what either fueled or hindered effective coaching and mentoring strategies. One area of the research focused specifically on coaching and mentoring practices and remote work.

Given competing priorities during difficult times, it can be argued that coaching and mentoring is not a top priority. We would argue, however, that it is needed now more than ever to successfully navigate uncertain and turbulent times.

The topics in this report include:

  • The primary drivers or objectives of coaching and mentoring, along with barriers to effectiveness
  • How coaching and mentoring differ from one another
  • The effectiveness of leaders across a range of coaching and mentoring skills
  • The use of new technologies aimed at fostering more effective and scalable coaching
  • And more!

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