Why Career Mentoring?

Professional associations know the key to sustaining and boosting membership is providing real value to members. A career mentoring program enables a professional association to effectively deliver on its mission: to connect industry professionals (or students) and facilitate the exchange of industry knowledge and career (or academic) advice. It also increases the value of membership, which draws in new, younger members and acts as a valuable hook to increase retention.

With career mentoring, you can:

  • Support member needs for career development
  • Improve membership growth and retention
  • Increase engagement among members

Mentoring can help businesses and associations remain relevant to younger people by giving them a personalized way to develop their professional and career-related skills. End Quote
– AssociationAdvisor1

Software for Career Mentoring

Facilitate Personalized Matches

Association members will have very specific learning needs. Although they all work in the same industry, there can be a vast spread of skills and specializations. With Chronus, members can filter potential matches to find a mentor with experience that aligns with their unique needs.

Matching Participants in a Mentoring Program

Measure Impact on Members

Professional associations may have members spread across the globe, which can make it cumbersome to gauge the value of a mentoring program. Chronus has built-in surveys at key points in mentoring relationships, which helps program administrators to ensure the program is valuable and refine as necessary.

Impact of a Mentoring Program

Low Maintenance Program Administration

In many professional associations, wearing multiple hats is simply part of the job, and running a mentoring program on top of everything else may seem out of reach. Luckily Chronus offers an admin-light model with automated workflows, self-matching and automated campaigns, minimizing the time necessary to run the program.

Mentoring Program Administration

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