Flash Mentoring: One-Time Professional Mentoring Program

Association Flash Mentoring

Benefits of Association Flash Mentoring?

Much like the modern workplace, professional associations are trying to remain relevant to new and up-and-coming professionals. With so many things competing for professionals’ attention, flash mentoring is a short term mentoring or one-time mentoring session that provides a focused opportunity for members to engage with each other and contribute to skill development and networking, especially for younger members and less experienced industry workers. For professional associations, flash mentoring enables participants the ability to conduct multiple sessions, each with their own learning objectives and desired mentor in order to gain information and knowledge on a larger variety of topics in a smaller amount of time.

  • Increase engagement within the association in order to build larger personal networks
  • Attract prospective members with modern mentoring events
  • Learn job related skills from peers and industry leaders for career progression
Association Adviser

“More than 94 percent of respondents agreed that associations should adopt mentoring as a strategic change to attract young people.”


Software For Flash Mentoring

Customize Self Matching

Matching individual mentors and mentees across an entire association can be time consuming and filled with spreadsheets. With Chronus’ MatchIQ® algorithm, easy to complete profiles and customizable criteria make sure members find the right mentor for their customized career goals, specified functional skills, or topic interests.

Track Mentoring Sessions

Manually keeping track of participant feedback and mentoring session data can be cumbersome. Through meeting reminders, follow-ups and customizable surveys, Chronus software stays on top of user participation and engagement within the mentoring program, producing timely data and qualitative feedback.

Minimize Admin Support

Admins have many priorities above and beyond a mentoring program. Chronus software requires minimal admin oversight while maintaining stable and impactful member engagement across the association.

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