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Why Topical Mentoring?

In the quest to recruit and retain younger members, how can professional associations increase the value of membership? Mentoring programs directly address the mission of professional associations: to connect industry professionals (or students) and facilitate the exchange of industry knowledge and career (or academic) advice to help members further their professional development. With topical mentoring, members focus on a specific concept and its real-world applications.

Topical mentoring is particularly valuable to students and less experienced professionals. With topical mentoring, you can:

  • Enable members to deepen expertise in narrow topics
  • Improve retention and grow membership
  • Increase engagement among members

For associations, finding and working with a well matched mentor adds hugely to the value of a young person’s membership. This well-networked demographic will then spread the word, making attraction and retention of millennials more effective.End Quote
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Software for Topical Mentoring

Facilitate Personalized Matches

Mentees want to deepen their expertise by connecting with a mentor who has the precise experience they seek but it’s time consuming to sift through member profiles on a case-by-case basis to find a good match. With Chronus, there is no need. Our MatchIQ® algorithm and sophisticated filters allow mentees to find the best mentor for their learning needs.

Match Diverse Participants in a Mentoring Program

Measure Program Value

Reaching out to mentoring program participants one-by-one and compiling feedback isn’t a realistic option to understand program impact. With Chronus software, leverage our built-in surveys to get real-time feedback from participants and members.

Impact of a Mentoring Program

Decrease Administration Time

When running a mentoring program isn’t your only job, you need an efficient solution. That’s why Chronus provides automated workflows, self-matching for members, and automated campaigns so you can manage the program in a few hours a month, freeing up time to focus on other mission-critical responsibilities.

Mentoring Program Administration

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