Rayanna MacElveen

Rayanna MacElveen

Rayanna is a customer service guru with 10 years of experience working with project and account management. Now she specializes in the talent development space, incorporating her insights and knowledge into implementing successful programs at Fortune 500 companies and universities around the world.

Modern Mentoring: Career Development Through Flash Mentoring

There is no mistaking it: business hierarchies are changing at a perceptibly rapid pace. Previously, companies had clearly mapped rungs for employees to climb the corporate ladder. In today’s world, the corporate ladder has flattened (Bersin 2009). This means employees aren’t promoted as often and in turn companies must offer career development to keep their employees engaged. One of the ways to … Read more

10 New Year Resolutions for Your Mentoring Program

Why not use the beginning of the new year and January’s National Mentoring Month as an opportunity to revitalize your mentoring program? Make a resolution (or two) to spruce up your program this year. We’ll help you out with this list of 10 possible ways to improve your program. Feel free to pick and choose! 1. Organize a focus group to … Read more

5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Mentoring Program Administrator

Have you ever been tasked with creating and managing a mentoring program, or have to find the right person to be an administrator? If you’re currently experiencing anxiety when it comes to starting a mentoring program, allow us to offer a comfortable shoulder for you to lean on. We’re here to present you with five ways to ensure a smooth … Read more

Coaching: From Millennials to Mid-Level Employees & Beyond

As a Seattleite, I couldn’t be more proud of our Seahawks this year (shameless brag coming). We won the Superbowl! What’s more amazing is that the team is made up of guys that a lot of other NFL teams simply overlooked because they didn’t ‘seem’ to have high potential. Turns out that the right team and the right coach was … Read more

The Millennial Generation & Engaging Them in Mentoring

There’s no way of stopping it: the so-called “millennials” are in the workforce. Apparently I’m one of them, yet I’m not sure if I count since I definitely watched shows like “Seinfeld” while they were still airing on prime time TV and I was into adulthood before owning a cell phone (the flip kind with a green screen that only … Read more