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Chronus Unveils Ebook Guiding Organizations to Embolden Women Through Mentoring

New Ebook illustrates why mentoring is an ideal solution to aid companies in achieving gender parity and confronting today’s talent pipeline crisis

Bellevue, WA – Chronus, the leader in mentoring software, published a new Ebook that explores how enabling women to advance in the leadership pipeline not only helps organizations tackle the talent crisis they are facing today, but also bolsters bottom lines, while improving gender diversity. The Ebook, now available for download, “Modern Mentoring: Emboldening Women in the Workplace,” explains how mentoring can elevate women at any career stage, and support companies in filling the leadership gaps left by the mass exodus of boomers from today’s workforce.Emboldening Women in the Workplace cover

While women make up 47 percent of the current workforce, their numbers dwindle to just 19 percent by the time they reach the C-Suite, according to McKinsey and Company. Lack of gender diversity can negatively impact organizations, hindering their retention, talent recruitment and diminishing their leadership funnel.

The Ebook draws from Chronus’ experience helping companies implement women-focused mentoring programs, and showcases specific formats of modern mentoring that can propel women up the leadership pipeline.

The Ebook presents guidance around:

  • Why Gender Diversity Matters
  • How to Build a Stronger Talent Pipeline
  • What Makes Mentoring Ideal for Women
  • Unlocking the Benefits of Mentoring
  • Determining the Right Mentoring Program for Your Organization

“With baby boomers retiring, women’s workforce participation dropping off significantly by the C-suite, and a competitive labor market, organizations are facing an unprecedented talent crisis,” said Seena Mortazavi, CEO of Chronus. “Companies are coming to Chronus looking to equip women with the support, skills and networks mentoring provides in order to enable their move into the leadership ranks. Through this Ebook, we are aiding organizations in fostering a healthier talent pipeline.”

Since women fall behind early in the employee lifecycle, it’s imperative to get women actively engaged in formal mentoring programs early in their careers. Get started today with mentoring to enable the women in your workplace. Download “Modern Mentoring: Emboldening Women in the Workplace”.


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