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Mentoring or Coaching: What’s Best for Your Company?—Our Whitepaper is Now Available in CLO Magazine

120488598We are pleased to announce our whitepaper titled “How Coaching & Mentoring Can Drive Success In Your Organization?” is now featured in Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Magazine, and available for readers interested in taking their learning and development programs to the next level.

The whitepaper identifies and distinguishes key differences between mentoring and coaching programs. As companies seek to develop talent and drive organizational outcomes during an economic turnaround, it’s essential to understand the significant, as well as subtle differences between the two approaches that can best extract learning and growth potential from participants within an organization.

While both may be viable choices for talent development, we encourage an evaluation of the following best-practice questions before deciding on one or a mixture of learning implementations:

  • Program goals: Are you developing tomorrow’s leaders, or more concerned about working on educating newer employees about certain procedures?
  • Desired outcomes: What should program results be? Immediate performance improvement or a longer-term development of management skills?
  • Methods to achieve the outcomes: For skills training, a month-long coaching program may be a better method. For longer succession planning, a more long-term mentoring solution could be the answer.

Once company objectives are clearly expressed and outlined, software may be the next step in executing your coaching or mentoring program. Software has proven capabilities in starting, managing, and measuring program progress and outcomes, reduce administrative burdens, leverage cross-site programs for larger corporations, and facilitate participant involvement on both a micro and macro scale.

While one-size-may-or-may-not-fit-all, companies can weigh their options and adjust program goals according to the coaching and mentoring platforms made available on the market today.

View the complete article in CLO Magazine
Download the complete whitepaper

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