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Why Topical Mentoring?

Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset, which is why helping employees acquire necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise is key for organizational growth (1). As baby boomers continue to retire, many organizations are turning to knowledge transfer initiatives like topical mentoring to retain the valuable skillsets and insights of exiting employees. Topical mentoring is an informal learning approach focused on transferring specific business and industry information or skills from one employee to another.

  • Prevent core knowledge loss when subject matter experts retire or leave
  • Increase functional team performance by increasing knowledge sharing
  • Break down functional walls, improve cross-functional understanding

“More than 80% of corporate learning occurs through informal approaches. “


Software for Topical Mentoring

Personalized Match Recommendations

With each employee having a variety of learning goals, desired skillsets and experience, attempting to suggest appropriate pairs is a challenge. That’s why Chronus developed MatchIQ®, our proprietary algorithm that uses custom filter criteria to suggest the highest compatibility pairing to create the most productive mentoring experiences.

Guided Learning Experience

After the match is made, it can be difficult to ensure learning and knowledge transfer is happening within the mentorship. Assure your mentoring program is on track with Chronus’ guided experience, which includes milestones, tasks and surveys to keep participants productive and engaged in the mentorship.

Report on Topical Mentoring Outcomes

Understanding the learning impact of a knowledge transfer initiative is no easy task. With Chronus, you can quantify knowledge gained with our built in surveys and reporting tools. Export reports to show leadership how the program has expanded skills and knowledge within the organization.

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