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SlideShare: Why Gender Diversity Matters at Work

The higher you look in companies, the fewer women you see. Despite making up 47 percent of the workforce, women make up just 29 percent of positions by the time they reach the VP level, and a mere 19 percent by the time they enter the C-Suite.

This representation can discourage women from seeking advancement or push them out of an organization altogether.

Learn how greater gender diversity can improve your organization, and why mentoring is an ideal solution to enable women in the workplace.

Why Gender Diversity Matters

Closing the gender gap is imperative for organizations in order to perform at the highest caliber. And mentoring is the ideal strategy to enable skill development and build networks in order to increase employee engagement, retention and development.

General consensus says mentoring is good for just about anyone. We can all agree on that. But when it comes to women, there are several specific findings that illustrate why mentoring and women make such a good pair.

Why Women and Mentoring Make the Perfect Match

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