Chronus Updates Software with New Features & Tools

July 8th, 2013 by Michelle Manson

Chronus, a leading provider of software for talent and career development, recently released a new update to its software. The new version features a host of end-user enhancements plus administrative tools. These new features will support customers “with administrative functions such as bulk matching while maintaining the fun for users with features like video profiling,” said Chief Product Officer, Praerit Garg.

New administrative tools include:

  • Bulk matching – match thousands at once
  • A resource section – upload pdfs and materials
  • Report exports – create and send reports
Chronus Mentor Bulk Matching

Chronus Mentor Bulk Matching

The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado has used tools such as bulk matching to successfully run three large mentoring programs.

Also included are several new features to enhance end-user experience:

  • Video profiling – enhance user profiles
  • Calendaring – keep track of mentor sessions
  • “Mentor Offers” – mentors invite mentees to join groups

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Written by:

Michelle Manson

Michelle Manson

Michelle writes about all things talent development at Chronus. Primarily focused around helping organizations learn from the success of others, she's committed to promoting program best practices and evangelizing the concept of personalized connections for learning.