Georgetown Alumni Association Creates Networking Program through Chronus Mentor

August 18, 2014

GUAA Success Story

We want students to understand the real world and create a professional network before they leave campus. The Hoya Gateway program [with Chronus Mentor] will help facilitate this effort and provide an easy, scalable way to make connections between students and alumni. We hope to shift the culture of our student body to help them understand how important a professional network is.”

Bridget Holmes, Senior Director of Career Initiatives at Georgetown University

Challenges They Faced

  • Create a scalable, measurable networking/flash-mentoring program across the country
  • Encourage students to develop professional networks
  • Engage alumni with the university
  • Find software that could scale across geographies and handle multiple matches while decreasing admin efforts

University Mentoring Solutions

  • Chronus Mentor software platform that runs a scalable program with measurable results
  • Simple usability and customized software options reduced admin time and improved student-alumni interactions
  • Features including a calendar option, LinkedIn integration, and program health reports
  • Implementation including customized branding, single sign-on feature, email mapping, and a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) feed

Results from Chronus Mentor

  • 1500 students and 750 alumni participants in the first year alone
  • A network that spans five cities and nine industries
  • Reduction in hours spent launching, matching, and managing the program
  • Winner of the 2014 CASE Gold Accolades Award for Best Practices in Alumni Relations

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