Deciding to implement a mentoring program is a great strategy for improving employee metrics like retention. A report from PeopleFluent shows that 78.8 percent of millennials said being a part of a mentorship program made them feel more engaged with their organization.

As with any major project, proper planning is crucial to achieving your strategic goals. We’ve found that mentoring programs can be highly impactful, but there are many factors that are critical to the success of your program.

That’s why we created this video – to help organizations launch mentoring programs as smoothly as possible. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about optimizing the launch of mentoring programs. We’ve distilled one of our most popular guides into a video outlining the five key strategies for starting a high-impact mentoring program.

Mentoring benefits the mentor, the mentee, and the sponsoring organization by increasing engagement, retention rates, and skill development. For a deeper dive into this topic, download our ebook on how to start a mentoring program.