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Modern Mentoring: Career Development Through Flash Mentoring

There is no mistaking it: business hierarchies are changing at a perceptibly rapid pace. Previously, companies had clearly mapped rungs for employees to climb the corporate ladder. In today’s world, the corporate ladder has flattened (Bersin 2009). This means employees aren’t promoted as often and in turn companies must offer career development to keep their employees engaged. One of the ways to … Read more

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From David Clutterbuck: Building Your Mentor Pool

Successful mentoring programs may vary in format, length, and focus, but they all have one thing in common: a strong base of mentors. If you’re lucky, your program already has an abundance of great mentors. But if you think your mentoring pool could be improved, you’ll want to learn from Professor David Clutterbuck, a leading expert on mentoring, author of … Read more

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Mentoring Works: Diversity in Organizations

For many companies, a diverse workplace is an important part of encouraging business objectives such as employee engagement and retention. As Iliana Castillo-Frick of SHRM said, “By fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, organizations will attract and retain the highest level of talent.” Diversity is important – but are HR professionals managing their programs in a way that ensures … Read more

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Career Mentoring Program Snapshot: Bridgestone Americas

Recently, Vince Reardon featured Bridgestone Americas, a Chronus customer, and their successful career mentoring program on his Mentoring Today podcast. We’ve provided a condensed and edited transcript of the interview for your convenience. Vince Reardon: Some employees go back to college to get advanced degrees. Others seek out challenging, high-profile work assignments. While these are sensible career moves, they aren’t … Read more

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Modern Mentoring: Mentoring Circles

By now, you’ve likely heard that mentoring is a big deal. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, it engages employees. Among other things, retention is 25 percent higher for employees who have engaged in company-sponsored mentoring (Deloitte Research Brief, 2012). So it’s no wonder that organizations across all industries and sizes are jumping on the bandwagon and giving this mentoring … Read more

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How Software Can Help Your Onboarding Goals

When it comes to making your onboarding program strategic and effective to meet your hr goals, you might have already added collaborative learning and extended the program time frame. Great job – you’re on your way to an improved program. But what should your next steps be? Here’s the thing – manually running your onboarding program can only do so much. … Read more

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Modern Mentoring: Group Mentoring

Welcome to our series, “Modern Mentoring,” in which we’ll explore how organizations and academic institutions use mentoring in novel ways to drive business objectives (such as increased employee engagement and retention) and academic objectives (like increased graduation and retention rates). Read on to discover more about group mentoring.  As with most traditional structures, mentoring has its cornerstone: one-to-one relationships. That’s … Read more

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Ethical Mentoring: What Impact Can It Have?

How Ethical Mentoring Can Help Recently, Professor David Clutterbuck, a leading expert on mentoring as well as a Chronus partner, wrote an article on ethical mentoring. He said, “Our desire to think well of ourselves leads us to create narratives that justify the otherwise indefensible. If someone challenges those narratives, we protect our sense of self-worthiness by positioning them as … Read more

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Our Tips & Best Practices for Onboarding Programs

Unfortunately, orientation-focused onboarding just isn’t cutting it anymore. Today, strategic onboarding is gaining ground because it helps employees learn and engage in a way that traditional programs can’t manage. Effective programs provide a faster track to productivity while also building strong employee relationships. Essentially, they’re win-win solutions that are tailored to the needs of the organization as well as new … Read more

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Infographic: 5 Strategies for a Successful Onboarding Process

Empower your organization with these five strategies for a successful onboarding process. A terrific employee onboarding program ensures your new hires integrate well with your organization, reach productivity quickly, and continue to contribute to your organization for years to come. Want to learn more? Read our complete guide for making your employee onboarding process both strategic and effective. Access Your Employee … Read more

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Chronus Presentation: Make Your Onboarding Program Strategic

More and more, companies expect more out of onboarding. They want more increased engagement, more productivity, and improved retention. But how do you get there? Click through our slideshare to learn more about five strategies for success so you can implement a successful onboarding program across your organization. Read the Full Guide

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Mentoring: Fixing the Skills Gap through Knowledge Transfer

Every job has one very important thing in common—job-specific knowledge. And implementing an effective plan for knowledge transfer between employees plays a critical part in the long-term success and efficiency of any organization. At any given company, the workforce is made up of people who specialize in different tasks. In addition, veteran employees often have a vast knowledge bank just … Read more

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Strategic Onboarding: Does Your New Hire Training Need Updating?

You know that a good new hire training program is key to your employee retention goals. After all,  the average attrition of first-year employees is 13 percent and almost a third of employees employed for fewer than six months are already searching for a new job (Stein & Christiansen, 2010). This is a huge loss to organizations in terms of … Read more

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Infographic: Employee Development Program Best Practices

  In today’s “war-for-talent” environment, it’s more important than ever for organizations to engage their employees. Read our full article, “Our Tips Revealed: Employee Development Program Best Practices,” to learn about our best practices for building effective development programs.

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Chronus Presentation: 8 Tips for Employee Development Program Best Practices

You have strong and skillful employees right at your fingertips. Solid training, clear communication, and a commitment to your workforce can go a long way in showing your dedication to your employees, as well as produce and sustain great results for the future of your organization. An employee career development program may be the answer to reducing disengagement and turnover, … Read more

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Mentoring Software Helps Companies Drive Business Objectives

Author and speaker Vince Reardon recently featured Chronus on his BlogTalkRadio program, “Mentoring Today.” Nic Chambers, Chronus’ Vice President of Business Development, joined him to explain how organizations benefit from using software to run mentoring and other career development programs. Chambers said, “When I think about these organizations and why they’re interested [in mentoring], it’s all about offering career development … Read more

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Five Mentoring Program Mistakes to Avoid

Every organization wants a more engaged, more productive, and overall happier workforce. And research in the talent development industry increasingly demonstrates the organizational benefits of mentoring – especially because mentoring supports multiple goals such as: Providing career development opportunities Sharing tacit company knowledge Supporting diversity & inclusion efforts Improving the onboarding experience Running a mentoring program isn’t as complicated as … Read more

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Make Your Employee Onboarding Program Strategic and Effective

Everyone wants strategic onboarding, where new hires get up to speed quickly, embrace the corporate culture, and of course, contribute to the bottom line. But how do you get there? In our guide, we’ve laid out five essential strategies you’ll need to transform your onboarding program for a more strategic impact upon your organization: Expand the learning window Incorporate learning … Read more

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