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Chronus Presentation: Pitching Career Mentoring to Your Leadership

Starting a mentoring initiative at your organization is exciting. You’ve researched the options for program format and you’ve put together a solid plan for your company. Perhaps you’ve even put together a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis. However, there’s always that critical element in the final stage of the process before committing to launch—pitching career mentoring to your leadership and securing their … Read more

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10 Tips For Starting a Business School Mentoring Program

Planning = Mentoring Success You may have decided to start a mentoring program for your business school, but now comes the hard part—planning it in a way that ensures maximum success. Where should you start and how should you start? Luckily, we’ve collected our top 10 tips from our program-planning experts. Read on to find out our recommended best practices … Read more

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Why Mentoring? Four Benefits of a Business School Mentoring Program

Many business schools excel at providing a high quality education and the best focus on helping students plan their careers and build professional connections while they’re still working towards a diploma. The schools that accomplish this well have found that career mentoring programs are highly effective. A business school mentoring program typically connects students nearing graduation (juniors, seniors, and graduate … Read more

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Career Mentoring Program Tool Kit

Boost Employee Engagement and Retention with a Corporate Mentoring Program In the current world of fast-growing technology and the “war for talent” environment, many businesses are experiencing a deficit of employee engagement and high attrition rates.  In fact, the number-two reason employees leave an organization is due to a lack of career development opportunities, above leadership, culture, and compensation.1 If … Read more

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Answers to Your Mentoring Program Questions

We get a lot of questions about running mentoring programs. That’s why we’ve put together some of our most popular mentoring program questions and asked two of our fantastic customer support managers to share their knowledge. Listen up and learn something new! Top Five Mentoring Program Questions: 1. How long does it take to implement a mentoring program? 2. How … Read more

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Mentoring Has A Multiplier Effect

Chronus is happy to share this thoughtful post with permission from Dr. Lois Zachary, President, Leadership Development Services, LLC. Some of the many mentoring benefits for individuals include accelerated learning, expanded and diverse perspectives, increased tacit organizational knowledge, additional insights about other business units, improved skills in specific areas ( for example, listening, building relationships).  Mentoring also offers individuals a trusted … Read more

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Build Your Organization’s Mentoring Culture With a Pilot Program

Mentoring is a smart strategy for organizations ready to invest in employee development, and it’s important to roll it out right to ensure the best adoption rates. The biggest factor of success, by far, is a mentoring culture that permeates from top to bottom. Build a mentoring culture with a pilot program that lets you harness that vital organizational support and … Read more

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How Informal Talent Development Programs Can Produce Impactful Leadership for Organizations

Most employees evaluate several factors before starting a new position at a company: Will the work be relevant to career aspirations? Does the company provide a competitive salary? Are there opportunities for growth? In order to successfully recruit and retain these employees for development into future leaders, it’s important to adopt a “hire to retire” approach to talent development. Early … Read more

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Learning From Mistakes: A Blended Learning Program

At Chronus, we’re all about success. That’s why we provide you with thought leadership articles about training, mentoring, and more. But we also believe in learning from mistakes. We asked Karen du Four des Champs, one of our subject matter experts and a training consultant who works across North America, about errors that companies make when designing their training programs. … Read more

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Spotlight on Mentoring: Making an Impact at URS

Here at Chronus, we love hearing about how our mentoring software touches other peoples’ lives. Today, we’re happy to bring you this story from URS, a leading provider of fully integrated engineering, construction, and technical services. They’re using our Chronus software for mentoring to help employees make meaningful connections across the United States.  A Mentoring Match: Adewunmi & Angela “There’s a quote … Read more

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Case Study Brief: Public Transportation Firm Improves Productivity & Training with Chronus

We’re keeping it short and sweet in our latest case study brief for a public transportation client looking to streamline and scale their coaching program. Organizational growth and individual learning needs can complicate the management of coach and coachee relationships, create gaps in program communication and consistency, and make it difficult to measure and track progress overtime. They turned to … Read more

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Crop of the Season: Employers Eyeing Millennial Graduates for Hire

For human resource recruiters and employers, the months of May and June bring excitement with the new flood of millennial graduates to pick from; bright, freshly primed from their formal studies, technology advocates, and ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. As the festivities following graduation die down, many graduates immediately jump onboard the job search train to … Read more

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Top 5 Signs Your Sales Training Programs Aren’t Working

At times, barriers to an effective sales training program seem insurmountable. Teams are located away from headquarters or across different countries and time zones. The pressure to hit quotas makes teams reluctant to leave the field. Most people learn by doing, which can be difficult to facilitate. And because salespeople have so many different experiences and skills, it’s difficult to … Read more

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5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Mentoring Program Administrator

Have you ever been tasked with creating and managing a mentoring program, or have to find the right person to be an administrator? If you’re currently experiencing anxiety when it comes to starting a mentoring program, allow us to offer a comfortable shoulder for you to lean on. We’re here to present you with five ways to ensure a smooth … Read more

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Our Tips Revealed: Employee Development Program Best Practices

Developing your employees requires time and effort. Successful employee development programs not only arm the employee with lifelong skill sets, but also demonstrate organizational trust and eagerness to drive employee growth and retention. Even so, an employee development program is particularly tricky to sustain and with the wrong approach, may end up becoming more of a liability than an opportunity for … Read more

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Case Study Slideshare: Daimler Trucks Reinvents Corporate Mentoring Program

You heard about our mentoring and talent development software, now see it in action in our latest customer success case study on Daimler Trucks North America. While managing heavy-duty trucks and vehicles is no easy feat, trying to run multiple cross-site mentoring programs can introduce new organizational challenges overtime. In order to reduce administrative burdens, strengthen learning programs, and communicate … Read more

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Slideshow: Five Signs Your Corporate Coaching Needs Software

A growing workforce should be a happy event, so why the sad face? If you find yourself immersed in an administrative warfare when it comes to prioritizing programs and hand-matching coaches to employees, then it’s time to reevaluate your current corporate coaching methods. We’ve designed a brief SlideShare presentation with five signs that alert you to your methods becoming well, … Read more

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New Hire Training: Accelerate Learning, Increase Retention & Reduce Costs

In 2014, the average spend per new hire was $4,000. That’s up 7% from last year. With the race for talent in full swing, employers are looking for the best talent to acquire, quickly train, and retain in order to optimize costs. So how can you increase knowledge retention and decrease training time for new hires while also improving employee satisfaction? To keep … Read more

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