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Chronus Presentation: 10 Ingredients For a Successful Coaching Program

Simply put, creating a successful coaching program is like whipping up your favorite dish. Before getting started, the first step is to gather all the essential ingredients. But be careful, not measuring the ingredients or neglecting one might affect the final taste in your recipe. Likewise, our team at Chronus believes a successful coaching program requires a certain set of … Read more ›


Coaching: From Millennials to Mid-Level Employees & Beyond

As a Seattleite, I couldn’t be more proud of our Seahawks this year (shameless brag coming). We won the Superbowl! What’s more amazing is that the team is made up of guys that a lot of other NFL teams simply overlooked because they didn’t ‘seem’ to have high potential. Turns out that the right team and the right coach was … Read more ›


Top Ingredients For a Successful Corporate Coaching Program

Planning = Successful Corporate Coaching Programs Many organizations are discovering that the secret sauce to talent development is creating a successful corporate coaching program — one that not only engages key talent but also drives strong organizational outcomes. A study from Bersin and Deloitte recently found that organizations with “excellent cultural support for coaching had a 75% higher rating for talent management results … Read more ›


Why University Mentoring? Four Benefits of a University Mentoring Program

Every year, universities strive for excellent national rankings and recognition for their educational offerings. Part of those rankings come from high graduation and job placement rates. In addition, universities that offer a range of enriching and engaging activities attract the top students, which also translates into better rankings. So how do university mentoring benefits fit into these activities? Mentoring is an attractive extracurricular to … Read more ›


Measuring Talent Development Program ROI – Chapter One: Employee Retention

At Chronus, we believe in the value of talent development programs and are often called upon to help customers figure out the ROI of their mentoring and coaching programs. Therefore,  we’ve excerpted a passage for you from our new ebook, “The ROI of Mentoring, Coaching, and Other Employee Development Programs” about employee retention. Feel free to download the entire ebook now. … Read more ›


Ebook: Calculate the ROI of Your Mentoring, Coaching & Employee Development Programs

It’s no secret that organizations who invest in their employees are top performers.  Programs like mentoring and coaching are increasingly popular methods for developing an organization’s talent pool. But, how do you know if these programs are effective in improving organizational performance? And how do you know if your investments are paying off? It turns out there are a number … Read more ›


The Millennial Generation & Engaging Them in Mentoring

There’s no way of stopping it: the so-called “millennials” are in the workforce. Apparently I’m one of them, yet I’m not sure if I count since I definitely watched shows like “Seinfeld” while they were still airing on prime time TV and I was into adulthood before owning a cell phone (the flip kind with a green screen that only … Read more ›


Article Review: Mentoring, Your Road Map to Success

This week, we’d like to recommend an insightful article on workforce mentoring programs published by HR Certification Institute (HRCI). The HRCI is an internationally recognized certifying organization for HR professionals and is also a Chronus customer. The article incorporates the opinions of experts in Mentoring, including our very own Vetri Vellore, CEO of Chronus. Titled, “Mentoring, your Road map to … Read more ›


What’s Hot in Mentoring? Going Social

Social Mentoring: Taking Center Stage Organizations are increasingly using mentoring in creative ways. One evident trend is that mentoring programs are becoming more social. Social mentoring is a form of informal mentoring in which mentoring opportunities arise ad hoc, starting and ending quickly based on a specific learning need. A key aspect of social mentoring is that protégés are capable … Read more ›


8 Building Blocks of Talent Development Mentoring Programs

What Can Talent Development Mentoring Do for You? Chronus recently offered a webinar entitled “Designing Talent Development Mentoring Programs”. Our featured speaker was Lis Merrick, a recognized mentoring and coaching expert, and president and founder of Coach Mentoring Ltd., headquartered in the U.K. She has helped companies from all over the globe start and grow more than 60 successful talent … Read more ›


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