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Mentoring: Fixing the Skills Gap through Knowledge Transfer

Every job has one very important thing in common—job-specific knowledge. And implementing an effective plan for knowledge transfer between employees plays a critical part in the long-term success and efficiency of any organization. At any given company, the workforce is made up of people who specialize in different tasks. In addition, veteran employees often have a vast knowledge bank just … Read more

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Strategic Onboarding: Does Your New Hire Training Need Updating?

You know that a good new hire training program is key to your employee retention goals. After all,  the average attrition of first-year employees is 13 percent and almost a third of employees employed for fewer than six months are already searching for a new job (Stein & Christiansen, 2010). This is a huge loss to organizations in terms of … Read more

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Infographic: Employee Development Program Best Practices

  In today’s “war-for-talent” environment, it’s more important than ever for organizations to engage their employees. Read our full article, “Our Tips Revealed: Employee Development Program Best Practices,” to learn about our best practices for building effective development programs.

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Chronus Presentation: 8 Tips for Employee Development Program Best Practices

You have strong and skillful employees right at your fingertips. Solid training, clear communication, and a commitment to your workforce can go a long way in showing your dedication to your employees, as well as produce and sustain great results for the future of your organization. An employee career development program may be the answer to reducing disengagement and turnover, … Read more

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Mentoring Software Helps Companies Drive Business Objectives

Author and speaker Vince Reardon recently featured Chronus on his BlogTalkRadio program, “Mentoring Today.” Nic Chambers, Chronus’ Vice President of Business Development, joined him to explain how organizations benefit from using software to run mentoring and other career development programs. Chambers said, “When I think about these organizations and why they’re interested [in mentoring], it’s all about offering career development … Read more

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Five Mentoring Program Mistakes to Avoid

Every organization wants a more engaged, more productive, and overall happier workforce. And research in the talent development industry increasingly demonstrates the organizational benefits of mentoring – especially because mentoring supports multiple goals such as: Providing career development opportunities Sharing tacit company knowledge Supporting diversity & inclusion efforts Improving the onboarding experience Running a mentoring program isn’t as complicated as … Read more

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Make Your Employee Onboarding Program Strategic and Effective

Everyone wants strategic onboarding, where new hires get up to speed quickly, embrace the corporate culture, and of course, contribute to the bottom line. But how do you get there? In our guide, we’ve laid out five essential strategies you’ll need to transform your onboarding program for a more strategic impact upon your organization: Expand the learning window Incorporate learning … Read more

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Lois Zachary Webinar Highlights: Watch the Five-Minute Summary

Recently, we held a fantastic webinar with Dr. Lois Zachary, president of Leadership Development Services and author of The Mentor’s Guide. She shared her proven, three-step process for constructing a development program based on a culture of mentoring and corporate learning. Want to find out more? We created a five-minute cut of the full webinar. View it below! Like what you … Read more

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Chronus Presentation: How to Use Mentoring in Your Workplace

Our very popular whitepaper, “How to Use Mentoring in Your Workplace,” is now available in SlideShare format! This educational guide shares examples of real-world mentoring programs that are successfully leveraging mentoring for employee career development, diversity training, reverse mentoring, and more. Start learning now! Download the Full Whitepaper

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Modern Mentoring: Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring isn’t a brand new concept but it’s experiencing a rebirth in popularity thanks, in part, to the 2015 movie The Intern, starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. In the film, Anne Hathaway plays the young CEO of an e-commerce startup and Robert De Niro plays a retired executive. Long story short, Robert De Niro’s character applies to a … Read more

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How We Teach Employers to Improve Employee Engagement

As a business owner who happens to be in the corporate talent development industry, we discuss the issues surrounding employee engagement every day. It’s a challenge I face as an employer and it’s a challenge we help our customers solve. Employee engagement is a complex issue, driven by many causes. For example, today employees no longer think of jobs as … Read more

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Spread the Love With Corporate Mentoring

Happy Valentine’s day! This year, help your employees love their jobs more by engaging them with a corporate mentoring program. Proven to improve retention and increase job satisfaction, mentoring has a place in every organization. Don’t forget to read our whitepaper, “Five Benefits of a Workplace Mentoring Program,” to see if corporate mentoring is right for you. Proceed to Your Whitepaper

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Chronus Presentation: How to Start a High-Impact Mentoring Program

We’re delivering one of our most popular guides, “How to Start a Mentoring Program,” in a clickable, easily shareable SlideShare format. Our guide shares the top five steps for beginning your mentoring program. Start learning now! Learn About Chronus Software for Mentoring

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Establish Good L&D Goals Up Front

By David Vance Guest Blogger for Chronus Chronus welcomes the wise words of David Vance,  executive director of the Center for Talent Reporting and contributing editorial advisor for Chief Learning Officer Magazine, on setting up measurable goals for your talent development programs. January is the start of a new fiscal year for many organizations. This makes it a great time … Read more

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10 New Year Resolutions for Your Mentoring Program

Why not use the beginning of the new year and January’s National Mentoring Month as an opportunity to revitalize your mentoring program? Make a resolution (or two) to spruce up your program this year. We’ll help you out with this list of 10 possible ways to improve your program. Feel free to pick and choose! 1. Organize a focus group to … Read more

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Improve Mentoring Program Engagement: Top Five Tips

Everyone appreciates a good mentoring program. Mentors and mentees love that their organization is sponsoring opportunities for growth, they love learning in person from others, and they love being able to connect to people with common experiences and goals. But people are busy. Sometimes mentoring gets pushed off just for a bit, and then, at times, forgotten altogether. It’s not … Read more

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Medline Experiences Success With Chronus Software for Onboarding

Medline, the leading provider of medical supplies and clinical solutions, believes that a positive onboarding experience is key to improving employee satisfaction and morale. They chose Chronus software to manage their new-hire training program, which consists of 285 employees participating in 11 different tracks. They needed software that would: Keep track of how trainees were performing Provide visibility to trainers … Read more

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Happy Thanksgiving from Chronus

Thanksgiving is a time of the year that focuses on giving thanks to the people we care about—our family, our friends, and the people who improve our lives every day. At Chronus, we try to thank our mentors too, those people who have been generous through the years in sharing wisdom and insight without asking for anything in return. This … Read more

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