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How Amazon’s Mentoring Programs Support Employee Career Growth

Customer obsession is one of Amazon’s infamous leadership principles but obsessing over its employees is also an important core value. This is evident in the company’s commitment to its mentoring programs.

Amazon has built its mentoring strategy to foster a greater sense of community, propel career development and build stronger relationships amongst a global employee population. With over 179,000 participants, managing its programs is no simple task.

Watch this fireside chat with Amazon’s Melony Menard, Senior Program Manager, Global Learning and Development, and Carla Love, Program Manager, Global Learning and Development to learn more about:

  • Why mentoring is a top priority at Amazon
  • The variety of programs Amazon is currently running
  • How they’re measuring impactful mentoring
  • How Amazon scales its programs

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About the Speakers:

Melony Menard
Melony Menard / Senior Program Manager, Global Learning and Development / Amazon

Melony is a Sr. Program Manager for the Amazon Mentoring Program. She has been at Amazon for five years. Melony is also the President for Women at Amazon, Seattle Chapter, an Amazon Employee Resource Group. Incredibly passionate about mentorship and developing others, she encourages and supports women to take ownership of their career, advocate for themselves and others, and find their passion. She is currently working towards her Doctorate of Organizational Leadership.

Carla Love
Carla Love/ Senior Program Manager, Global Learning and Development / Amazon

Carla is passionate about Mentoring, Coaching and Leadership Development. She truly finds joy in sharing the benefits of Mentoring and Coaching. Carla has discovered that a growth mindset has positively impacted her life and is the catalyst of her love for supporting the growth and development of others.

Carla is a tenured leader who currently serves as Program Manager for Amazon’s Mentoring Program. If Carla isn’t supporting the development of others, you’ll find her facilitating Mindfulness trainings, reading a good book, painting or enjoying nature.

Brian Callaghan / Senior Program Strategist, Customer Success / Chronus

As a Senior Program Strategist and Customer Success Manager, Brian Callaghan partners with global enterprise organizations to translate organizational initiatives and goals into successful mentoring programs within the Chronus platform.

With 15+ years of experience in the software space, Brian has successfully launched hundreds of mentoring programs and helped streamline complex solutions into actionable, impactful programs for organizations like Amazon, Uber, World Bank Group and more.

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