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5 Things Companies Get Wrong About DEI And How To Get It Right

In order to build and sustain an inclusive workplace culture where all employees have equitable opportunities to thrive, organizations can’t rely on leaving things to chance or the one and done approach. In this webinar, we’ll discuss where even the most well-intentioned organizations can take a wrong turn. Learn how to create a DEI strategy that establishes measures of accountability, fosters a truly inclusive culture, and exists across all stages of your employee experience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • When and where to seek employee input as you’re building your DEI strategy
  • Setting goals that drive the right behaviors for an inclusive organization
  • Initiatives that DO move the needle on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging over the long term

About the Speaker:

Lydia Frank

As Vice President of Marketing, Lydia uses the art and science of strategic storytelling to showcase the incredible power of mentorship in developing employees, transforming organizational culture from the inside out, and ensuring every employee feels connected to and supported by their organization.

Prior to Chronus, Lydia served in a number of marketing roles at PayScale – most recently Vice President of Corporate & Product Marketing – growing it from a disruptive startup to the market leader in the compensation data and software vertical. Previously, she led digital content teams at and MSN.

Lydia is a strong advocate for creating more accessible paths to power for women, people of color and other historically marginalized groups in the labor market and economy. She has been a frequent speaker and media commentator on this topic and has contributed related content to various publications including Harvard Business Review, Money, Fortune, TechCrunch.

Lydia holds a BA in Journalism from Central Washington University.

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