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RMIT University’s Award-Winning Student Mentoring

An Award-Winning Student Mentoring Program

Australia’s RMIT University, was recognized by the Victorian International Education Awards for their student mentoring program aimed at international students.

RMIT received the award for Excellence in International Student Employability and Career Development, solidifying their reputation for producing graduates who are highly valued by employers worldwide. RMIT’s mentoring program matches industry professionals and alumni with international and domestic students, which provides their students with guidance and real-world experience. RMIT takes pride in preparing their students for life after school by increasing their employability as well as helping them build their professional networks.

The Rewards of Student Mentoring

RMIT’s student mentoring program has a number of facets, not the least of which is the opportunity for networking. But mentoring is the core of their program. This video, featuring interviews with a sampling of mentors involved in the RMIT program, is an inspiring testament of the impact that a mentoring program can deliver:

RMIT’s Software Partner

When RMIT initially looked for software to complement their mentoring program, they had to choose a complement to their unique programs. RMIT settled on Chronus as their go-to software based on a handful of key features, including:

  • MatchIQ®, Chronus’ technology that determines superior matches
  • Chronus’ customizable design that supports a variety of mentoring formats
  • Capability to scale as needed
  • Hands-on customer support

RMIT doesn’t just use Chronus software for international student programs. Chronus is the basis for 12 other programs focused on career development, transition guidance, and cultural diversity. Some of RMIT’s other mentoring programs include:

  • Student to industry mentoring
  • Student to student “buddy” mentoring to help students transition to RMIT
  • Staff to staff mentoring with an emphasis on personal and career development for RMIT staff
  • Academic mentoring where industry mentoring is built into a capstone subject

One of their more innovative mentoring applications is a student-to-student group mentoring program. RMIT groups incoming freshmen with a student mentor who has received extensive training in being a supportive mentor. These groups contribute and help each other in a moderated setting to ease them into the transition of university life. In return for guiding freshman students, the student mentor receives credit on his or her school transcript. At the end of the year, interested mentees can become a mentor the following year, thus continuing the positive and supportive effects of mentoring.

Mentoring & Employability Initiatives

The award hasn’t been the only confirmation of RMIT’s efforts to improve student employability. In the 2017 QS Graduate Employability Rankings, RMIT was ranked seventh in Australia and 71-80 in the world on the basis of reputation among employers, alumni outcomes, partnerships with employers, employers’ presence on campus, and graduate employment rate.

RMIT’s program has also received Gold accreditation from the International Mentoring Association. Gold accreditation is awarded to mentoring programs that are well implemented, sustainable, and successful at accomplishing mentoring goals and objectives.

The Applications of Student Mentoring

Mentoring at the university level doesn’t have to be focused on preparing students to leave school; it can be equally effective at preparing them to enter school. The transition out of high school or secondary school into university can be challenging for incoming freshman. An established student mentoring program can make the transition a little more painless, and gives upperclassmen the opportunity to receive extensive training to become supportive mentors.

As the popularity of mentoring programs grow, so do the applications for it. Each time a workplace, university, or nonprofit implements a successful program, it’s a testament to the success and opportunity that mentoring programs afford organizations at any level to learn, grow, and expand their knowledge base.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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