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Chronus Champion Meetups


Developing Managers through Mentorship

Thursday, April 25th @ 9 PM PT / 12 PM ET

Join us at the April Chronus Champion Meetup to learn how mentorship can develop managers. We will explore the importance of mentorship in leadership development and discuss strategies and best practices. Join us and become part of a thriving community of business leaders dedicated to developing their team’s management skills through mentorship.

The topics we cover will be flexible, but we will start with a few questions:

  • How can mentoring activate knowledge from manager training programs?
  • What are the advantages of developing managers through mentorship?
  • How can mentorship programs be structured to address both short-term skill development and long-term leadership goals for managers?
Attending Chronus SME
Diane Simone, Head of Customer Success Content Strategy

Chronus Champion Meetups are monthly, 1-hour virtual sessions where small groups of program admins come together to learn and support each other.

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