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Spotlight on Mentoring: Making an Impact at URS

Here at Chronus, we love hearing about how our mentoring software touches other peoples’ lives. Today, we’re happy to bring you this story from URS, a leading provider of fully integrated engineering, construction, and technical services. They’re using our Chronus software for mentoring to help employees make meaningful connections across the United States. 

A Mentoring Match: Adewunmi & Angela

“There’s a quote I love by Isaac Newton,” said Adewunmi G., a URS traffic operations engineer located in Michigan. “ ‘You can see farther if you stand on the shoulders of giants.’ That has been my motto growing up, and I have gotten where I am today because I have had those giants in my life.” For Adewunmi, URS’ new mentoring program was a chance to see farther and learn more. After receiving the opportunity to sign up, he immediately began looking for mentors.

Angela L., the VP, Business Line Manager for the San Diego office, was intrigued when she received an email with Adewunmi’s mentoring request. Why did a traffic operations engineer from Michigan want to connect with her? However, as they messaged each other back and forth through the Chronus software, she realized he wasn’t looking for a technical mentor. Instead, he was looking for someone who could pass on career advice and wisdom.

However, Angela was still hesitant. She explained, “I never really saw myself as a mentor and I didn’t realize I could share a lot of the lessons I’ve learned along the years. I think there are a lot of people out there who, like me, haven’t realized that about themselves.”

Connecting & Sharing Knowledge

Once Angela and Adewunmi began interacting, Adewunmi saw just how much Angela had to offer. When talking about her, his excitement was palpable. He said, “I struggle to find the words. She’s put so much into helping me become the best that I can, and I don’t know how else I can express just how grateful I am for everything she’s done for me.”

Meanwhile, Angela felt that she has gained as much as Adewunmi. She explained, “You can be in a job for so many years, and you can lose a little bit of the passion you had when you were just starting out. Adewunmi’s motivation to grow gets me excited again. It’s so inspiring to connect with someone in the same position you were in ten years ago, and you get motivated again because they have that energy.”

A Meaningful Mentoring Relationship

Adewunmi ended with saying, “Through standing on Angela’s shoulders, I’ve been able to see farther. My mind races at a thousand RPMs per minute and I know that the key to success is laser focus. She’s really helped me with that. Her advice is invaluable. I wish I could put a price tag on it but I really can’t—unless maybe it’s a couple billion dollars. Invaluable, invaluable advice.”

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